Start small, and grow
Small changes across our organisation add up, moving us closer to our goal of being 100% sustainable


The billions of parcels that are sent around the world every year are a huge source of plastic waste, with 90% ending up in landfill or in our oceans. That's why we've switched to comPOST Packs, which are strong, waterproof shipping bags made of a biodegradable material that breaks down in your home compost.


Our warehouse handles mountains of cardboard every day, so to make the best use of the resources we already have, we re-use the sturdiest boxes to ship our online orders. A simple and sensible solution, reusing cardboard boxes helps to cut down on water and energy that would be used to produce, print and ship new ones.


For the times where only our own boxes will do, we've re-worked their design to use more than 70% recycled card, so even the fresh boxes help to minimise our impact on the planet.

Environmentally-friendly protection

To make sure your online orders reach you in prime condition without costing the earth, we've switched to a plastic-free protective paper wrap that can be easily recycled once your gear reaches you safe and sound. Its honeycomb design makes it strong and secure without the need for tape, which is helps us cut down on waste even further.

Sticking to our principles

We've considered every detail in our quest for sustainability, right down to the tape we used to seal your orders. We use a kraft paper tape that's activated by water, which holds on tight to keep your parcel secure, then goes straight into your recycling bin when your order arrives.