Pen accessories

Take a step back in time to an era when writing was considered an art form, an elegant and inspir... Read more

Take a step back in time to an era when writing was considered an art form, an elegant and inspiring script that would invoke a person to accept an invitation or attend a formal affair. We revel in those days still, which is why at Milligram we pride ourselves on offering a worthy collection of writing instruments and pen accessories. We know the bond you can form when you find the pen or pencil that is the perfect fit for you, and we consider it our mission to help you keep that bond intact for years to come.

The Milligram collection of pen accessories includes all the things you will need to keep your pen or pencil feeling perfectly brand new for a lifetime. From new nibs to ink cartridges, to cleaning solutions and more, our pen accessories collection will work for you in maintaining your writing instruments in nothing but supreme condition. If there are more replacement parts that you are looking for, our pen accessories range also carries a series of newly fitting erasers for pencils, side clips for pens and blotting paper to keep your script perfectly intact. We’ve got all of your writing needs covered at Milligram, the retailer that cares about the grand tradition of writing in today’s modern world.

Not only do we provide the best quality range of pen accessories in the market, but we also offer affordable shipping or completely free shipping within Australia for any orders over $59AUD in value. We ship internationally as well, so your favourite pen accessories are only ever a few clicks of a button away. Next time your writing instruments need attention, choose Milligram for the finest quality tools and replacements knowing that we care just as much about a quality writing experience as you do.