Slow down

Take the time to enjoy a pot of tea as it brews, or the ritual of making a cup of coffee

Savour the quiet moments

When the world's pressing you from all sides, insisting on squeezing more and more into your day, taking a quiet moment to watch coffee drip, or tea leaves blossom and sway in the pot, can provide an oasis of calm to help you recharge.

Understated style

Rich with earthy tones and natural curves, Kinto's style is reserved and elegant; subtle, but never dull.

Unhurried design

Just holding a Kinto cup, or teapot, or tumbler, it's obvious that each detail is the product of careful consideration. From the earthy ceramic used in a coffee mug to the intuitive design of the One Touch teapots, right down to the perfectly-judged curve of a Kinto vase, it's clear that every aspect has been attended to with care and patience.