Zero-emission bottles

24Bottles plants trees for every bottle they make to offset its carbon footprint


Perfect for all-day adventures, the Clima bottle's insulated design keeps your drink at its perfect temperature for hours on end. Take a day trip into the city, or go hiking in the great outdoors, and enjoy a drink that's still frosty cold or wonderfully warming on the way. Plus the double-walled design means the outside of your drink bottle remains at room temperature while the water inside stays frosty cold, so your Clima bottle is a brilliant backpack companion.


Impossibly lightweight, the Urban bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated wherever you go. Made from food-grade stainless steel, it's a durable drink bottle that imparts no flavours, so you can enjoy a refreshing sip of water just as nature intended.


-0.08 kg of CO2 eq is the quantity of CO2 you save from releasing into the atmosphere every time you refill your 24Bottles instead of buying a disposable water bottle. But 24Bottles' commitment doesn't end there, with more than 8000 trees planted in countries across the world. Those trees, which help produce crops like cacao and bananas that add to local economies, help to offset the carbon cost of each Urban and Clima bottle through the whole production cycle.