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The LAMY Safari Fine Nib Fountain Pen is a worldwide bestseller – and for good reason! It is a pristine example of master craftsmanship and functional design.

Originally designed for young writers and designers, the LAMY Safari uses a bright and simple colour scheme. Its sturdy construction and sleek styling will appeal to lovers of good design.

Made from ABS plastic and fitted with a flexible chrome clip, the LAMY Safari is virtually impossible to break. The ergonomic molded grip means it sits comfortably and easily in the hand – it was designed for long hours of student note taking!

Suits LAMY T10 Giant Ink Cartridge and LAMY Z24 Ink Converter.

QUANTITY: 1 x Fountain pen
LENGTH: 13.8cm
NIB: Fine
INK: Blue
REFILL: LAMY T 10 giant ink cartridge or a Z 24 LAMY converter and bottled ink. (Not Included)
MATERIALS: Stainless steel, sturdy plastic & chrome
SOURCE: Made in Germany. Designed by Wolfgang Fabian.

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Limited edition - Petrol Review by Emma
Lamy fountain pen's are my favourite. I'm a sucker for the limited edition and had to buy the new petrol version when it came out. Lamy (along with Kaweco) make some of the most durable and easy to use fountain pens great for every day use and travelling with. Make sure to pick up the ink converters as well so you can make full use of the pen ;) (Posted on 3/07/2017)
Love it Review by Sharon
After receiving a lovely Dupont pen as a gift I began my search for a cheaper fountain pen to use on the go. I bought the Lamy Safari transparent fountain pen after reading lots of reviews and now carry it with me everywhere. I love how it writes, how it looks and its just nice having something different. Highly recommend getting the transparent version as it looks much more professional (compared to solid colours) and it's also cool seeing the ink through the barrel. (Posted on 15/12/2015)
A new part of my EDC Review by Tim
My love of fountain pens has exploded in the last year. Almost every blog or youtube video I watch says that a FP collection isn't complete without at least one Lamy.
The safari is the perfect combination of cheap, but robust, the ink window is a helpful addition, and the steel nib is simple but effective (like many German nibs, the "fine" really isn't that fine though. If you're looking for a truly fine nib buy the EF, or a Japanese "fine" nib).
My only complaints with the wonderful Safari is that it doesn't come with a Z24 ink converter, so I had to wait for one to arrive (in all fairness, notemaker says this in the specs) and I find the three connecting the barrel to the grip is a little loose, so I tighten it before and after each use.
It's a permanent part of my every day carry!
(Posted on 10/07/2015)
Nothing to fault here ... Review by Lamy lover
The Lamy Safari range are just an excellent fountain pens. They are made as a student's school pen in Germany but are far too good to simply use in school. The triangular nib end of the barrel makes for a comfortable hold - even for extended use. The steel nibs are of a very high standard - it is hard to comprehend that the nib is steel when using the pen - it has a much more expensive feel to it.

The Safari has become a collector's pen with a new limited edition coloured barrel being released about once a year.

The plastic barrel is light and strong. No matter how many times it is dropped on tiles it fails to shatter or crack.

The flow is simply excellent and the nib just won't dry up - even after several months of inactivity.

The Lamy Safari has a much deserved cult following these days.

Buy one - or two - or three today - they're cheap too.
(Posted on 10/07/2015)

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