LAMY - JOY - Fountain Pen - 1.9mm - Black

SKU: LM-015_19
This magnificent pen pays homage to the slender, tapered fountain pens of the past, but of course with the unmistakable LAMY points of difference. Designed primarily as a calligraphy writing pen, the LAMY Joy has also become the pen of choice for the writer seeking something a little different for daily use. Slim and elegant in the hand, the LAMY Joy is manufactured with high grade plastic with a soft black lacquer finish and features a matching black cap with bright red sprung wire clip. This pen refills with either LAMY T10 cartridges or LAMY Z24 ink converter for use with bottled inks.
REFILLING MECHANISM: LAMY T 10 cartridge or Z 24 LAMY converter for bottled ink use
LENGTH: 183mm
NIB SIZE: 1.9mm
MATERIALS: Plastic, black lacquer, aluminium and brass
SOURCE: Made in Germany
DESIGNER: Wolfgang Fabian

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