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Enjoy writing with a blue fountain pen but want to correct any mistakes? The ingenious LAMY Eraser Ink pen is double ended correction tool - eraser at one end, blue ink pen at other end. The eraser end can be used to quickly and easily erase any errors written in BLUE fountain pen ink (doesn't work on other colours or inks) and then you can overwrite your correction with the fine blue tip pen at the other end.

Note, this will only erase BLUE fountain pen ink. The eraser also does NOT erase the blue pen ink that comes with it, the pen is only for writing over erased/corrected areas.

QUANTITY: 1 x Eraser Ink Pen

INK COLOUR: Clear, use to remove royal blue ink only


SOURCE: Made in Germany.

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Great idea that could use more explanation Review by Annette
When I first went to use this, I just assumed that you just write with the blue end and if you make an error, you erased with the 'white' end. Nope - not even a little bit. So I went hunting and found a very useful how to on You Tube. Firstly, these have been around for decades! Obviously in Europe, because I've never seen them in OZ before Notemaker started stocking them. Anyway, back to the how to.
1. They only work with BLUE fountain pen ink. Not black or blue/black or turquoise or any other variations - just blue.
2. The 'white' part will not erase what you write with the blue end of this eraser pen. Again, it will only erase blue fountain pen ink.
Using a fountain pen with blue ink, write something, then using the 'white' end of the Lamy Eraser Pen, run the tip over what you've just written - it will disappear immediately. When it's dry, use the blue end of the eraser pen to write over the correct message.
If you've left enough time - days - between when you correct and when you go to write over the corrected spot, it is possible to use a fountain pen again - otherwise, you can only use the blue end of the pen. The chemicals used to make the eraser compound are residual and stay in the paper.

I know that sounds like a heck of a lot of instruction - but really, once you know the basics, you shouldn't be daunted by using this. For me, now I feel confident to Journal with one of my many fountain pens - before I just wouldn't in case I made an error - I hate white out and scratched through errors, I like my page neat :D
So buy, write, enjoy. -A
(Posted on 18/07/2015)

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