LAMY - Dialog 3 Fountain Pen - 14Kt Gold Nib - Fine

SKU: LM-074-14kt-fine-gold-nib
The LAMY Dialog 3 Fountain Pen is a veritable highlight of the LAMY range, created in cooperation one of the great designers of our time, Swiss functionalist Franco Clivio.

The product design is breathtaking: not only is the rounded aesthetic a brave step away from LAMY’s sleek, squared-top finish, the mechanics are revolutionary. This is a fountain pen with no cap. A twist-action allows the rhodinised 14kt gold nib to retract and a valve protects the nib from dirt and drying.

Its clip is equally clever: raised or retracted by the twist action, the clip lowers into the pen body when writing; when the nib is retracted, the clip lifts out again. No ink stains in your pocket – nothing in the way when writing.

The LAMY Dialog 3 comes in a fine case made of beechwood.

Suits LAMY T10 Cartridges and LAMY Z26 Ink Converter.

REFILLING MECHANISM: T 10 Cartridges or bottled ink with a Z 26 LAMY converter.
LENGTH: 13.6cm
MATERIALS: 14Kt gold, palladium & stainless steel
SOURCE: Made in Germany
DESIGNER: Franco Clivio

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