Delfonics Photo Album - Linen Book - Small

SKU: 435bc8s

These Delfonics photo albums are B6 size, 13x18cm, and they have an articulated binding at the spine, which is 1cm thick. This means they can have photos mounted inside without ruining the binding, photos or sheets!

The cover is a book-board hardcover finished with cross-hatched linen for an appealing visual and tactile aesthetic. They are bound in landscape view and made to fit one standard photo per side, per sheet. The whole album has 10 sheets and thus holds 20 photos. The card stock is the highest quality for photos and has a thin acid-free adhesive film to cover, mount and protect the photos.

A serious photo album or small portfolio for the photographer, creative or kind of person who likes to tell a story with images.

SIZE: B6 size, 13x18cm
SHEETS: 10 sheets / Holds 20 photos
SUITS: Photos
SOURCE: Made in Japan

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Delfonics Photo Album - Linen Book - Small