Ink Bottles

A quality pen speaks volumes of the user, it is a representation of their stature in the office a... Read more

A quality pen speaks volumes of the user, it is a representation of their stature in the office and an expression of their personality through form and colour. There is absolutely no need to discard a pen when you choose to purchase from the Milligram writing collection. With our refill ink selection available in a range of tones and hues, simply choose your token colours and use your favourite pen forever. From bright blues to basic blacks, with a range of more creative colours in between, we have the inks and converters in our selection that will brighten your day.

Step away from the stoic formality of your fountain pen with an ink converter and introduce a little more colour to your world. Using an ink converter allows you to expand your pen game by transitioning your fountain pen from using traditional cartridges to being able to use any colour in our refill ink range. An ink converter will take your fountain pen from being a formal and beautiful instrument and open up the wonders of expressing your inner style through your own choice of colour.

At Milligram, we offer nothing but quality with all of our instruments and that quality is something that will last you well beyond the first ink refill. Our inks and converters adhere closely to that same quality standard to offer you smooth writing capability and zero clogging. Complemented, of course, by the sensational range of colours available in our refill ink collection to choose from. Whether you’re feeling a forest green or a shade of blue that sets you slightly apart from the crowd, we know we have a refill ink colour that will inspire your writing.    

Do your part for sustainability with the Milligram range of inks and converters and refill your writing instruments for the longest possible life. Our refill ink and ink converter collections will surprise and delight even the savviest of writers.