Moleskine diaries are top of the sales charts year after year, and they've helped thousands of people organise their lives, appointments and projects. But which Moleskine diary is the best one for you? Each one suits a different type of person, so let's go through Moleskine's diary layouts to help you find the one to suit you.



Daily diary

Daily diaries are perfect if you've got a busy schedule, or like to manage your time down to the minute. Each page gives you space to lay out you day from 8am to 8pm to jot down all your important meetings and appointments, with helpful week markings to help professionals track where they are in the year.

Internal view of a Moleskine Daily diary, showing a ruled page per day with date markings, scheduling indicators, week markings and a page-marker ribbon

If you like to play it a bit more free-form but need the extra space for evening reflections, or you like to make daily to-do lists, the schedule markings are subtle enough to ignore, so you can use each day's ruled page the way you like. 


Our pick

Moleskine's Daily Diary has plenty of space for even the busiest schedule, in a Large format that gives you all the room you need in a compact design that you can carry everywhere you go. And you can feel comfortable tossing your diary in your bag – with a robust Hard Cover, this diary will keep all your info safe and secure. Moleskine's 2022 Daily Diary in hard cover with a black finish, floating on a white background

This year, Moleskine has dropped a very cool Ice Green finish, so be sure to snap that up before everyone else does.

Check out Moleskine's Large 2022 Daily Diary



Weekly diaries

Offering a more balanced layout, Weekly diaries make it easy to stay on top of everything you've got coming up by showing your week at a glance. If deadlines are always sneaking up on you, or you find yourself buying birthday presents on the day-of, a Weekly diary might be the one for you. 

For those of you who like to plan your whole week at once, you've got three main options: Weekly NotebookWeekly Horizontal and Weekly Vertical. Weekly Notebook diaries are the most popular of the two, giving you your week on one page plus a notebook-style page each week to jot down important reminders, write a shopping list, or anything else you might traditionally do with a notebook. It's the most versatile diary option, with room to manage all the busy weeks that sneak up on you, or just capturing those moments of creative inspiration when they strike.

A Moleskine diary with Weekly Notebook layout [img: an open diary showing two pages, with stacked rectangles for each weekday on the left, and a ruled page on the right]

A Weekly Notebook diary, with weekdays on the left page and a ruled notebook page on the right


Our Pick

The Pocket-sized 2022 Weekly Notebook Diary is a portable planner designed to go everywhere with you. At a compact 9 x 14cm and sporting a slim soft cover, you can check your upcoming schedule and make important notes at a moment's notice, so there's no need to rely on your memory for those essential events and phone numbers.

Moleskine's 2022 Soft Cover Weekly Notebook Diary (pocket-sized) with soft Sapphire Blue cover

The Weekly Notebook is available in Black, Sapphire Blue (pictured) and Scarlet Red, and in your choice of Pocket (shown above), Large and Extra Large sizes. There's also a Hard Cover version if you like your diary to be more rugged. (Have a look at our Ultimate Guide to Notebook Sizes to figure out which one is right for you).

Check out Moleskine's Pocket 2022 Soft Cover Weekly Notebook Diary


Weekly Horizontal diaries, on the other hand, spread your week over a double-page spread, giving you a little more space to keep track of each day's important details. If you like knowing what's coming up at a glance, the Weekly Horizontal view keeps everything right in front of your eyes, so you'll never let a due date sneak up on you again.

A Moleskine Weekly Horizontal diary [img: an open diary showing two pages, with each day Mon-Fri given roughly a third of a page, and Sat+Sun sharing a third]

Weekly Horizontal diaries give you an easy overview of your week, so you can see what's coming up at a glance


Our Pick

A handy balance that gives you plenty of space inside your diary without taking up too much room in your bag, the Large Weekly Horizontal Diary is an easy way to stay on top of your schedule in style.

Moleskine's 2022 Hard Cover Weekly Horizontal Diary Large in Black

Check out Moleskine's Large Weekly Horizontal Diary

(Also available in Pocket size)


Finally, Weekly Vertical diaries suit the schedulers among us. Manage your days down to the hour, and never miss a meeting again? Honestly, what a dream. That kind of precision planning is why Professional diaries go for the vertical layout, so you can slot in that last-minute meeting knowing you aren't double-booking yourself.

An open Moleskine diary showing a Weekly Vertical layout (where each day is rendered as a column with hourly markings)

Weekly Vertical layouts are a down-to-the-minute scheduler's dream 


Our Pick

Moleskine's 2022 Professional Weekly Vertical Diary A4, with a solid black cover

A mighty desk companion for the in-demand business type, Moleskine's A4 Professional Diary gives you plenty of room to plan your week's schedule so you can make the most out of every minute without having to check Google Calendar all the time. You don't need to be a professional to appreciate the tear-out to-do list pages, though – even the amateurs among us are allowed to enjoy the organisational power of this handsome diary.

If you're not bound to your desk, the Professional Diary also comes in more bag-friendly Extra Large and Large sizes, sporting all the same savvy design and simple style as the bigger sibling.

Check out the Moleskine 2022 Professional Weekly Vertical Diary A4


Monthly diaries 

For a birds-eye view of your life, nothing beats a Monthly diary. Simple and clear, you can keep an eye on those upcoming birthdays, special events and deadlines for weeks in advance, making sure you're prepared for everything to come.

Each page-view shows you an entire month, with handy note spaces at the end of each week to catch the important moments that aren't tired to a specific date. Monthly diaries are ideal for simple, lightweight planners who don't get bogged down in details, and they're a perfect way to manage your uni life so you're always across those all-important due dates.

An internal image of a Moleskine monthly diary with an 8x6 grid of squares marked with dates, spread across two pages

The Monthly layout gives you a bird's eye view of your important upcoming events


Our Pick

For the mighty Monthly layout, you can't go past the spacious Extra Large diary. Measuring 19 x 25cm, it means each day has lots of room for you to write in the things that matter, with space left over to decorate each cell, or add your own code so you can separate uni stuff from work stuff at a glance.

Moleskine's 2022 Extra Large Monthly Diary with a solid black cover

Check out Moleskine's Extra Large Monthly Diary



No matter how you like to stay organised, there’s a Moleskine diary that’ll be a dream companion to carry with you through the year. Or maybe you can have two – one professional and one personal, or one for you and one for the whole family! The possibilities are endless with Moleskine.

If you didn't find exactly what you're after, take a look at the full range of Moleskine diaries, or explore all the diaries and planners in our collection.