Unlike traditional perfume-makers, Bon Parfumeur's fragrances are designed to be customised. With scents ranging from woody and floral to the spicy and food-inspired, you can combine any of those fragrances to craft your signature scent.

Your scent is just as personal as your clothes, or your hairstyle, so why settle for a generic perfume? We recommend exploring the deep and captivating range of Bon Parfumeur fragrances for yourself, but that can be daunting, so here are a few of our favourite combinations to get you started.

Legacy (003 and 301)

Mix the invigorating, zesty quality of 003's yuzu notes with the traces of fine liquor in 301's scent profile to create an intoxicating cocktail that makes a lasting impression. Make it a night to remember.

Vitamin D (801 and 102)

The spring brightness of the 102 Floral pairs beautifully with the grapefruit zing of the 801 Aquatic to conjure a romantic walk through Italian gardens and groves, a tender hand holding yours tight. Pick a flower and wear it in your hair as you wander the streets in search of sorbet.

Evening Bloom (301 and 401)

Rich, earthy cardamom notes make the 301 Amber & Spices a captivating companion for the 401 Oriental's sweet candied plum details, resulting in a deep, aromatic fragrance like a full blossom in the balmy night air. Transport yourself to a faraway garden with this exotic pairing, but be warned – you might not want to return...

Curiosity (701 and 101)

A mysterious mix, the meeting of 701 Aromatic's bright eucalyptus and the sweet Turkish rose notes at the heart of 101 Floral creates a layered, gauzy scent that's hard to pin down but impossible to forget. With corresponding touches of amber and bergamot, the lines between 701 and 101 can start to blur in a most mischievous fashion.

This list is only the beginning – with more than 20 fragrances available, you can try any number or combination of perfumes, so treat these suggestions as a jumping-off point as you start to explore your signature scent.

The only question left to answer is, where will you start?

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