Sustainability gets more important with every passing year, and everyone is looking for ways to be kinder to the Earth – after all, it’s the only one we’ve got! Here are some planet-friendly presents that’ll delight your eco-conscious loved ones, and take care of our environment.

Bellroy Sling Bag

Bellroy Sling Bag in Melbourne Black finish

Australian brand Bellroy is making huge strides in developing sustainable materials for their bags, from recycled polyester to innovative plant-based options. Using a polyester made from recycled water bottles, the Sling Bag from Bellroy is a convenient, beautifully-designed way to carry your essentials when you head out that’s also helping to reduce the amount of excess plastic in landfill. 

Check out the Sling Bag from Bellroy


24Bottles Urban Bottle


A 24Bottles Urban Drink Bottle in Sage, wrapped loosely in a coarse rope


Speaking of water bottles, people buy around 1 million single-use water bottles every day worldwide, with around 5.3 million Australians buying bottled water each week. A high-quality reusable water bottle like the Urban series from 24Bottles is a great way to cut down on disposable water bottles that largely end up in landfill. The Urban's lightweight design makes it easy to carry everywhere, so your loved one won't need to visit the 7/11 drinks fridge to stay hydrated.

Check out the Urban Bottle from 24Bottles, or find more options from brands like memobottle and Kinto, take a look at our reusable water bottle options.

Kinto To Go Tumbler


Kinto's To-Go Tumbler in Black sitting on a cafe table next to a laptop


Every small choice we make has an impact on the planet. Just like disposable water bottles, takeaway coffee cups have a carbon cost to produce, require the refinement of oil to make the plastic lids, and the cups themselves end up in landfill because the plastic lining makes them near-impossible to recycle. According to Sustainability Victoria, Australians throw out 2.7 million single-use or disposable coffee cups every single day, which is a pretty staggering figure, so switching to a reusable coffee cup is an easy way to cut down on your environmental impact.

Plus, Kinto's To Go Tumbler is just better than single-use coffee cups in every aspect. Not only do they cut down on waste, but they also keep your drink at the right temperature much longer thanks to the insulated design, they're amazingly light AND super strong, plus they're nicer to drink from. No more waste, and no more wheezing coffee cups 'cause the air hole wasn't properly punched on your lid? It's a winner all round.

Check out the To Go Tumbler from Kinto


Filt Net Bag

A Filt Net Bag holding a load of groceries

Single-use plastic bags have disappeared from supermarket checkouts, but the heavier plastic bags aren't a much better solution. Avoid the plastic altogether with Filt's compact, lightweight and remarkably strong Net Bags. Based on a weaving craft that's endured since the 17th century, Filt bags squish down to nearly nothing, so they're easy to keep in your backpack, handbag or glove box for those grocery emergencies.

Check out Filt's Net Bags

W&P Porter Lunch Bowl


Porter Lunch Bowls in a range of colours, one filled with a delicious-looking salad


Bringing your lunch from home is an all-round good idea. Not only does it save you money on overpriced takeaway (which tends to come in harmful single-use plastics), a pre-made meal can save you from choice-paralysis when it comes time to eat, and lets you show off last night's fancy cooking to all your co-workers.

You can't make a loved one stick to their meal prep, but a practical and resilient container like W&P's Porter Lunch Bowl (paired with Rifle Paper Co.'s Meal Planner Notepad) can make it easier for a loved one enjoy a home-made meal, and steer clear of wasteful single-use packaging. 

Check out the Porter Lunch Bowl from W&P



With such lovely options to choose from, it’s easy to choose planet-friendly presents to suit all your family and friends. And if you didn’t find quite the right thing here, we’ve got even more green gifts to help that special someone stay sustainable.