Sustainability is the word of 2019, and everyone is looking for ways to be kinder to the Earth – after all, it’s the only one we’ve got! Here are some planet-friendly presents that’ll delight your eco-conscious loved ones and take care of our environment.

Bellroy Sling Bag

With fabric made from recycled water bottles, the Sling Bag from Bellroy is a convenient, beautifully-designed way to carry your essentials when you head out that’s also helping to reduce the amount of excess plastic in landfill.

Check out the Sling Bag from Bellroy at Milligram

24Bottles Clima Bottle

Speaking of water bottles, people buy around 1 million single-use water bottles every day worldwide, with around 5.3 million Australians buying bottled water each week. A high-quality reusable water bottle like the Clima series from 24Bottles is a great way to cut down on disposable water bottles that largely end up in landfill. Plus, the Clima bottles insulated design helps to keep drinks cold for a whole day, which is just the ticket as the weather warms up and we crave a cool drink. We love the natural feel of the Sequoia Wood print, but 24Bottles come in a gorgeous range of colours and patterns to suit everyone you know.

Check out our other reusable water bottles from Memobottle, Kinto’s Workout Bottles and more at Milligram.

Check out the Clima Bottle from 24Bottles at Milligram

Ever Eco Bamboo Cutlery Set with Chopsticks

Small changes add up, and everything we can do to reduce the volume of single-use plastic going into landfill is helpful. Lightweight and convenient, the Ever Eco Bamboo Cutlery Set is a perfect companion for picnics, takeaway lunches or even visits to the food court. Keep the handy carry pouch in your bag, and you can leave the disposable plastic cutlery behind. Goes great with the Ever Eco Stainless Steel Straw!

Check out the Bamboo Cutlery Set from Ever Eco at Milligram

Baggu Standard Tote

Now that most supermarkets have phased out plastic bags, carrying your own is the only practical choice. Baggu’s Standard Tote makes it easy to be ready every time you go shopping, with durable bags in a range of gorgeous prints. Folding down to fit in a pocket-friendly pouch, you’ll always be ready to grab groceries, duck to the beach or hit the boutiques with your own eye-catching bag ready to hand

We love the organic colours of the Seaweed design, but be sure to check out the full Baggu range to find that perfect present!

Check out the Standard Tote from Baggu at Milligram

Arcadia Scott Ceramics Travel Cup

We’ve recommended these gorgeous cups on some of our other gift guides, but we can’t help ourselves! Not only are they charming, handmade cups with unique finishes, they’re also made locally in Arcadia’s Brunswick studio. Everyone should have a reusable coffee cup these days, and Arcadia Scott’s range are distinctive and lovingly crafted.

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Check out the Arcadia Scott Travel Cup at Milligram

With such lovely options to choose from, it’s easy to choose planet-friendly presents to suit all your family and friends. Keep your loved ones and the Earth smiling with delightful gifts like these. 🙂

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