The best gift ideas for your bestie

Don’t forget your friends this Christmas! Get organised with our amazing gift ideas, and give your BFF something they’ll treasure forever.

Kinto Unitea Unimug

With a removable filter basket, the Unitea Unimug makes it easy to enjoy a delightful cup of tea any time of day. Just add your favourite loose leaf tea (we’re partial to Deitea’s French Earl Grey) and pour in hot water to brew an aromatic cuppa with next-to-no fuss. Your bestie will treasure this teapot, and think of you every time they break out the oolong.

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MiGoals 2020 Goal Digger Diary

MiGoals 2020 Goal Digger Diary in Mint

Now we’re not saying your friend is a Goal Digger… but MiGoals diaries are incredible, motivational diaries that will get your mates excited to achieve more in 2020. With an irreverent sense of humour and inspiring quotes throughout, the Goal Digger Diary might just be the push your friend needs to become the powerhouse you know they can be!

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Fennec C&S Two-Pocket Bag

Person in a green coat leaning against a wall with a soft pink Fennec CS bag draped over their shoulderSlim and stylish, the C&S Two-Pocket Bag from Korean brand Fennec is a lively accessory that adds a burst of colour to any outfit. We’re smitten with the 70s vibes of the vibrant yellow colour, and the powdery pinks adds a sweet touch to your look.

Made from a sturdy canvas, and featuring two outer pockets as well as an internal sleeve, the C&S Two-Pocket Bag is a convenient way to stay organised without compromising on style. Your fashion-conscious friends will adore its retro design and bold colour.

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LAMY Safari fountain pen

LAMY Safari transparent fountain pen on a white background

A luxurious introduction to the world of fountain pens, the LAMY Safari feels way more premium than its price tag might suggest. Made from ABS plastic, the Safari features an ergonomic grip that makes writing feel like a breeze. We’re fans of the transparent model, but the Safari range comes in every imaginable colour from matte charcoal (aka black) to bright pink to pastel mint. Or take your present to the next level with one of the Safari Gift Box Sets, and give your friend a notebook or extra ink too.

For beginners and experts alike, the Safari is a high-quality writing instrument that will make your friend feel like some sort of duke, or possibly an earl.

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Moleskine Millennium Falcon 2020 Diary

2020 Diary with a black cover, and the Millennium Falcon illustrated in overlapping blue and red images

Does your friend know their Palpatines from their Padawans? Have they got strong feelings about who shot first? Featuring the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, this diary the perfect gift for a friend who’s made the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.

Featuring the Falcon in flight on its endpages and stickers of classic Star Wars vessels, this diary is a nerd’s dream planner. With the Millennium Falcon diary, your friend can keep the opening night of The Rise of Skywalker‘s free, or remember Vader’s birthday (I’ve heard he can be a bit funny, always telling everyone he can “feel their presents”).

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The School of Life’s Phone Detox

Phone Detox from The School of Life, a small spiral bound notebook with a blue cover

We’ve all got a friend who’s a little too obsessed with their phone. Or maybe your friend has Notification Fatigue, and needs a break. Help them rediscover the world outside the screen with the Phone Detox from The School of Life.

Unlike Google’s Paper Phone, the Phone Detox isn’t a cardboard substitute for your phone made by the same people who designed them to be addictive in the first place. Instead, the Phone Detox offers thought-provoking thoughts on play, work-life balance and the grandeur of nature in a pocket-friendly, phone-sized flipbook you can reach for instead of opening Insta again. Phones are a critical part of our lives, but most of us could do with a bit of a relationship reset between us and our notification tray.

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Rifle Paper Co. “Nailed It” Enamel Pin

Nailed It enamel pin featuring a figure in old-fashioned weightlifter garb holding a large barbell over their head which has "Nailed It" written on it

Have your friends just been crushing it lately? Celebrate their victories and make them feel like champions with this adorable pin from Rifle Paper Co. Perfect for adding a bit of character to a denim jacket or a tote bag, this pin gives the wearer a neat little confidence boost. Who wouldn’t want to give that to a friend?

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Write Sketch & Pixelone Tote Bag

Pixelone tote bag with a blocky pattern of purple, bright pink and yellow squares

With a print inspired by vintage video games (think Q*Bert with the colour turned up to 11), the clashing colours of the Pixelone tote bag make this an accessory that belongs to the bold. Do your friends have what it takes to pull off this hyper-neon tote? Those brave few will turn everything into a fashion show, from a trip to the supermarket to a day at the beach.

(For your more modest friends, this convenient, collapsible tote comes in some sedate prints, too)

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Honestly, BFFs don’t get the credit they deserve, but you can change that with these exciting, eye-catching gift ideas. Show your friends how much they mean to you with a thoughtful gift, and make your friendship even stronger!

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