How do you show the most important person in your life how much they matter to you? We’ve put together a list of the things that make us feel special so you can share the love and get some great gift ideas. Featuring some of the world’s best design, sensory experiences and creative tools, here are some beautiful ways to show how much you care.

Bellroy Tech Folio

An inside view of Bellroy's Tech Folio, with a 13" laptop ensconced on the right, and lots of small accessories like phones and cables stashed neatly in the many pockets on the left

Sometimes Bellroy's design verges on wizardry. How else can you explain the sheer amount of storage space they pack into the Tech Folio without it being roughly the size of a burlap sack? The secret of the Tech Folio's Mary Poppins'-bag quality is down to smart design, with savvy pocket placement helping handle your phone, keys, earbuds, A4 notebook, pen and much more in easy-to-access style.

Those incredible internals come wrapped in top-tier, environmentally-certified leather, with a smooth, solid zip that seals in the premium feel. If you're looking to spoil the professional in your life, look no further.

Check out the Tech Folio by Bellroy


Kinto Slow Coffee Style Brass Pourover Stand Set


Kinto's Slow Coffee Style Brass Pourover Stand Set, with a Kinto Slow Coffee Style Kettle delivering the water


Perfect for a caffeine fiend, the Kinto Slow Coffee Style Brass Pourover Stand Set turns your morning coffee into a meditative, mindful experience. Simply fill the filter basket with freshly-ground coffee and slowly pour hot water over the top, then watch as the coffee brews before your eyes. The special person in your life will thank you every time they take a sip 

Check out the Kinto Slow Coffee Style Brass Pourover Stand Set at Milligram


24Bottles Drink Bottle


A close-up of a 24Bottles Clima drink bottle in Pacific Beach finish, with water caught mid-splash up and out of the mouth

A better way to stay hydrated, 24Bottles' range of stainless steel drink bottles are lightweight, resilient, and stylish as all get out. Available in a range of striking colours and vibrant finishes, your loved one can cut down on single-use plastic with these Italian-designed stunners.

Check out the 24Bottles range


Rhodia's Rhodiarama A5 Notebook

Rhodia's Rhodiarama A5 Notebook with Iris cover


When you give a notebook as a gift, what you're really giving is a wealth of potential. Beyond the edge of the page, there are no restrictions in a fresh notebook – your loved one gets to channel their creativity in whatever way they see fit, from handwriting their next novel to sketching idly in the evening to carefully preparing their daily to-do lists. That's a wonderful gift to give, and the Rhodiarama is a high-quality notebook that your loved one will adore. From the gorgeous texture and beautiful colours of the leatherette cover to the premium French-made pages inside, every aspect is crafted with care to make this an unforgettable creative companion.

Check out the Rhodiarama notebook from Rhodia


Kaweco Lilliput Fountain Pen

Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen in Eco Brass finish


A miniature marvel, the Liliput fountain pen is a minuscule 9.8cm with the lid on, making it a perfect pen to keep in your pocket. When you're ready to write, unscrew the lid and pop it on the end and you'll be holding a comfortable, stylish pen that feels great in your hand.

Designed to endure, the Liliput's strong metal body means your loved one will treasure your gift for years to come. And the Stainless Steel, Eco Brass and Fireblue finishes will change over time, developing a unique patina that reflects the years of love and care it's enjoyed, making this pen an even more beautiful, personal statement.

Check out the Lilliput Fountain Pen by Kaweco


Karst Woodless Artist Pencils

Karst Woodless Artist Pencils

Let’s be honest – we all wish we could be more creative, and what a delightful new way to express yourself Karst's Artist Pencils are. Made of pure pigment, Karst's pencils pack in more colour, and need less sharpening than traditional pencils. Plus, their box doubles as an eye-catching pencil holder to decorate your loved one's desk, so they're inspiring even when they're not in use – what more could you want?

Check out Karst's Artist Pencils


Rifle Paper Co. Rollerball Pen

Rifle Paper Co. Rollerball Pen with a Monstera design

Made of durable brass and wrapped in the beautiful floral designs that have made Rifle Paper Co. so beloved internationally, this is no ordinary pen. Solid and stylish, the Rollerball Pen brings a welcome warmth with it, brightening up even the most professional settings with subdued but sweet natural colours.

Check out the Rollerball Pen from Rifle Paper Co.


Leif's Body Double Gift Set

Leif's Body Double Gift Set in Wild Rosella variant

Let's face it, most of us struggle to make time to take care of ourselves. So one of the best gifts you can give is a little indulgence; an excuse for your loved one to slow down and pay attention to themselves.

The Body Double Gift Set features Leif's matching Body Cleanser and Body Lotion in Lemon Myrtle or Wild Rosella varieties. Made using the unique qualities of Australian native flora, Leif's cleanser and lotion work together to gently clean and revitalise the skin, leaving your loved one feeling supple and surrounded by a delightful, delicate scent. Giving that someone special a chance to get in touch with themselves is a generous act, and one they're sure to appreciate.

Check out the Body Double Gift Set from Leif


Gifts are a valuable way to show how much you care. With a little thought, even the simplest things can make heartwarming presents. For some more romantic inspiration, check out our Love Languages gift guide, or take a look around at