Work would be unbearable if it weren’t for the people who help you get through the week. Why not say thank you to those people with the perfect present to show how much they mean to you? Here are a few great gift ideas to help make your work friends feel valued.


Moleskine Metro Slim Backpack

Moleskine's Metro Slim Backpack in Moss Green

Perfect for a daily commute, Moleskine's Metro Slim Backpack is a compact option with room for all your everyday essentials. The magnetic closure makes it easy to pop your bag open and grab something in a heartbeat, while the waterproof zip opens wide so you won't need to fumble around in the dark looking for your notebook. There's even a padded laptop compartment that suits devices up to 15", so you can protect your tech on the go.

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LAMY CP1 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen


LAMY CP1 Ballpoint Pen in Titanium Oxide Black finish

The sleek, professional styling of the CP1 ballpoint pen makes this LAMY a great gift idea for everyone in the office. The reserved design follows LAMY’s Bauhaus-inspired “form follows function” principle for a pen that feels natural in the hand. Its clean lines speak to sophistication and class with a certain restraint that your colleagues will admire.

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Memobottle A5 Drink Bottle


The A5 memobottle poking out of a handbag


There’s no excuse for single-use water bottles when reusable options are this stylish and convenient. Roughly the size of a standard Moleskine notebook, the A5 Memobottle holds 750ml of water and is designed to fit neatly alongside your laptop in your bag. Only 3cm thick, the A5 Memobottle is space-efficient and professional – perfect for staying hydrated as you move from meeting to meeting.

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Studio Milligram Planner

Studio Milligram's A5 Planner in Black

Staying organised doesn’t need to be stressful. Studio Milligram's Planner range takes a calmer approach to planning, with a soothing colour palette and relaxed but supportive page layouts to make scheduling a more chill experience. So if your co-worker can't keep their deadlines straight, maybe a Planner is the solution to their time-management woes.

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Bellroy Standing Pouch Plus

An inside view of Bellroy's Standing Pouch Plus in Smoke Blue, showing internal pockets holding a phone, cables, mouse, pen, AirPod case and more


If your office has switched to hot-desking, or if you're splitting time between home and the office, keeping all your cables and gadgets on-hand when you need them takes up a lot of energy. Bellroy's Standing Pouch Plus is a beautiful and effective fix, giving you a single, stylish place to store your mouse, chargers, and all the other little things you need at work. Just grab the Pouch and move from place to place with ease, knowing you've got everything you need. That way, Darren from Accounts won't have an excuse to pinch your Lightning cable again.

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Kinto To-Go Tumbler


A Kinto To Go Tumbler sitting on a desk next to a person working at a laptop


We all know how bad single-use coffee cups are for the environment. If your work friend is a caffeine fiend who cares about the planet, this handsome and well-designed coffee cup is a great gift idea. With a sturdy design and vacuum insulation that helps keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, the To-Go Tumbler is a professional essential.

Check out the To-Go Tumbler from Kinto at Milligram



W&P Porter Lunch Bowl


Porter Lunch Bowl in Red, full of tomatoes, red cabbage and other colour-matched foods


Leftovers don’t have to be dull. The Porter Lunch Bowl helps to liven up lunchtimes in an office-friendly way, and helps cut down on single-use plastics too. With colours ranging from sensible to sensational, and a simple, lightweight design that has plenty of room for your food without eating up precious bag space, it's an easy win for your lunchmate.

Check out the Porter Lunch Bowl from W&P at Milligram



You spend more time with your work friends than just about anyone else. They see you at your most stressed, and you rely on them to get stuff done. Why not show them how much you appreciate their hard work with these great gift ideas?

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