Work would be unbearable if it weren’t for the people who help you get through the week. Why not say thank you to those people with the perfect present to show how much they mean to you? Here are a few great gift ideas to help make your work friends feel valued.

Rains Mini Backpack

Rains Mini Backpack in black – a small, rectangular bag with a strap-closure on the front

Compact and subtly stylish, this Mini Backpack by Danish brand Rains is an icon of Scandinavian design that will make your workmate the envy of the office. Made from a water-resistant fabric with a matte finish, this backpack has an inner compartment suitable for laptops up to 13″, with a hidden phone pocket and an extra internal zip pocket.

Check out the Mini Backpack from Rains at Milligram

LAMY CP1 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Pen

LAMY CP1 ballpoint pen with stainless steel finish

The sleek, professional styling of the CP1 ballpoint pen makes this LAMY a great gift idea for everyone in the office. The reserved design follows LAMY’s Bauhaus-inspired “form follows function” principle for a pen that feels natural in the hand. Its clean lines speak to sophistication and class with a certain restraint that your colleagues will admire.

Check out the CP1 Ballpoint Pen from LAMY at Milligram

Memobottle A6 Drink Bottle

Person holding the A6 Memobottle in one hand, pressed to their chest with a slim wallet in the same hand

There’s no excuse for single-use water bottles when reusable options are this stylish and convenient! Roughly the size of a standard Moleskine notebook, the A6 Memobottle holds 375ml of water and is designed to fit neatly alongside your laptop in your bag. Only 3cm thick, the A6 Memobottle is space-efficient and professional – perfect for staying hydrated as you move from meeting to meeting.

Check out the A6 Drink Bottle from Memobottle at Milligram

Studio Milligram 2020 Weekly Agenda Diary

Staying organised doesn’t need to be dull. The 2020 Weekly Agenda Diary from Studio Milligram features a navy cover with papercraft geometric shapes as designed in collaboration with Melbourne artist Spenceroni. Inside, the diary shows you your week at a glance, with room on the opposite page to write down the Actions you’ll need to take, and any extra notes. A powerful tool, the Weekly Agenda Diary will help your co-workers perform at their peak.

Check out the 2020 Weekly Agenda Diary from Studio Milligram at Milligram

P.A.P. Futo Felt Laptop Cover

P.A.P Futo Felt Laptop cover in dark grey, with an elastic closure and envelope-like design

A laptop is a major investment. Not only is it the centre of your work life, keeping it neat helps you look professional to clients and co-workers. P.A.P.’s Futo Felt Laptop Cover adds a textile warmth that’s still professional, while protecting your laptop from scrapes and scratches. When you’re going from meeting to meeting, or taking your business on the road, the Futo Felt Laptop Cover is a must-have.

Check out the Futo Felt Laptop Cover from P.A.P. at Milligram

Kinto To-Go Tumbler

We all know how bad single-use coffee cups are for the environment. If your work friend is a caffeine fiend who cares about the planet, this handsome and well-designed coffee cup is a great gift idea. With a sturdy design and vacuum insulation that helps keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, the To-Go Tumbler is a professional essential.

Check out the To-Go Tumbler from Kinto at Milligram

Write Sketch & Spectrum Ruler

A narrow translucent ruler with colourful gradients shifting from purple through pink and yellow to green along one edge

If your work friend brings a colourful quality to the office, this vibrant ruler is a great gift idea! Functional and funky, the Spectrum ruler’s stylish gradient adds a tasteful dash of colour to liven up the dullest desk.

Check out the Spectrum ruler from Write Sketch & at Milligram

Ever Eco Stainless Steel Bento Box

Top view of a rectangular stainless steel bento box, which has a shiny finish and rounded corners

Lunch doesn’t have to be dull! The Stainless Steel Bento Box helps to liven up lunchtimes in an office-friendly way, and helps cut down on single-use plastics too. With two compartments, this Bento has room for snacks and lunch, so your work friend’s tummy can stay happy all day.

Check out the Stainless Steel Bento Box from Ever Eco at Milligram

You spend more time with your work friends than just about anyone else. They see you at your most stressed, and you rely on them to get stuff done. Why not show them how much you appreciate their hard work with these great gift ideas?

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