We all know that person who already has everything. They’re impossible to buy for, but with our killer gift ideas, you might just get them the perfect present this time.

Bellroy Work Folio

Inside the Bellroy Work Folio

Shopping for the high-flying business type who’s never far from their phone? The Bellroy Work Folio is a sophisticated and professional way to stay organised in style. With a gorgeous, environmentally-certified leather outer, the Work Folio fits far more inside than its slim design might suggest. Keep an A5 notebook, your phone, a pen, cables, your tablet, up to 6 business cards and earbuds inside, with space left over for loose notes or your boarding pass.

Bellroy's Work Folio in Black

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Kinto Slow Coffee Carafe Set


Kinto Slow Coffee Style Carafe Set sat on a bench with a full pot brewed


Looking for something to suit a coffee lover? Kinto’s Slow Coffee Carafe Set is a considered, meditative way to make filter coffee that caffeine fiends will adore. Pop some freshly ground coffee in the stainless steel filter basket and pour hot water over it, then sit back and watch as the coffee drips through into the carafe. The brewing process is a key part of the experience, and a great way to start the day.

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Orbitkey Leather Key Organiser

Orbitkey's Leather Key Organiser 2.0 in All Black

Studies show that 90% of Dads have absurdly full keyrings. Got that shed key from the place you moved out of in 1979? Darn tooting. Could you open the window of the place your great aunt lived in 22 years ago? Sure thing, no probs. Instead of letting those keys jingle in the wind, grab the Orbitkey and get that keyring under control. Sleek and deceptively simple, the Orbitkey keeps your keys tidy and jingle-free so you can still open Doris’s letterbox from when you used to live next door at a moment’s notice.

Check out the Leather Key Organiser from Orbitkey at Milligram



OSTRICHPILLOW Original Napping Pillow

Ostrichpillow's Original Napping Pillow

When the gift-giving gets tough, the tough get novelty presents. Which isn’t to say that the OSTRICHPILLOW isn’t an incredibly useful tool – especially for international traveller’s, the sleep-anywhere convenience is worth its weight in gold. Unlike standard pillows, this one goes over your head like a padded hood so you can sleep wherever you want. On a plane? Easy. Need a power nap at your desk? You can do that. A killer gift idea for someone who has everything.

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The School of Life Emotional First Aid Kit

The School of Life Emotional First Aid Kit

We all need a little help sometimes. When things get hard, The School of Life’s Emotional First Aid Kit is ready to support you with wisdom and insight. With 20 cards covering key psychological situations, like Friendship, Love, Sex, Work and Self, there’s an answer for everything that might keep you up at night. What could make a better gift idea than emotional support?

Check out the Emotional First Aid Kit from The School of Life at Milligram


Kaweco AL Sport

Kaweco's AL Sport rollerball pen in light blue

Sometimes the best gift is a simple thing done beautifully. Designed with care and made practically bulletproof, Kaweco’s pocket-friendly AL Sport pens are built to give years of delightful handwriting. There's a colour to suit everyone's taste.

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Blackwing Graphite Pencils

Blackwing 602 pencils standing in their convenient box

Speaking of simplicity and perfection, if you pick up the Blackwing graphite pencil today, you’re holding the same pencil used by the likes of Truman Capote and music legend Quincy Jones. Made in Japan from cedarwood and high-quality graphite, the Blackwing is a design icon you can use in your everyday life.

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Studio Milligram Canvas World Map

Studio Milligram's Canvas World Map

Practical and beautiful, this canvas world map is meticulously designed by a cartographer using natural hues and shading to depict detailed topography and bathymetry of our world’s surface. At 1.7m wide, it makes a gorgeous design feature that does an astounding job of rendering the complexities of an oblate spheroid in two dimensions.

Check out the Canvas World Map from Studio Milligram at Milligram



Some people are just impossible to buy for, but we hope we’ve given you enough gift ideas to crack those tough nuts.

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