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Take your designs to a whole new level with the fine-line performance of OHTO’s Free Ink Graphic Liner Pen set.

With pens ranging from an ultra-fine 0.3mm to a broader 1.5mm, these graphic liner pens give you more flexibility and control to produce finer details and precise shading.

Consistent as a fibre tip in a sturdy rollerball
The Needle Tip technology developed by OHTO delivers the same reliable line as a fibre-tipped pen with a robust rollerball tip made of tungsten carbide. That solid design means your graphic liners will last longer, and keep their shape better than soft tips.

Free Ink delivers smooth, clear lines
Enjoy a constant ink flow so you can sketch or ink without fear of uneven lines ruining your good work. No need to double-back with OHTO’s Free Ink, ensuring ink flow is both highly- controlled and completely reliable.

The perfect tip for every need