It takes more to settle in to your home office than just popping your laptop on a flat surface. While we’re all adapting to some pretty massive changes, we can at least make our work from home space work for us.

Set yourself up properly



Start by making sure everything is set up to support you. This handy video from the Wall Street Journal takes you through the ergonomic essentials you should consider as you work from home more regularly. Get the fundamentals right, and your body will thank you.

Stay organised

Keeping your desk clutter-free helps free up your brain to focus on the important stuff. A simple pen cup or a desk tray are easy ways to keep the small things together, so you can find your pens, pencils and other essentials at a moment’s notice.

But organisation means more than just a tidy workspace. With our work routines suddenly in flux, giving your day a bit of structure helps keep you in an effective, focus-friendly schedule. Studio Milligram’s Desk Planner gives you space to lay out your week, and prioritise the important projects so you can stay on task. Plus, it’ll help you remember what day of the week it is when they’re blurring together more with each passing day.

Add some personal touches

Your home office is just for you, so why not make it somewhere you love? Turn a sterile space into a welcoming room full of charm and personality with a few decorative touches, and put the ‘home’ into ‘work from home’.

Adding a bit of light is a simple way to liven up a drab space, and bring a certain warmth to your room. And in the era of endless Zoom meetings, a brighter workspace makes you look better on webcam, which is something I think we could all do with. Designed with Richmond’s innovative ODO, Studio Milligram’s Desk Lamp balances minimal, clean lines with natural curves to create a stylish yet organic form. Plus, its low-wattage LED delivers a bright, warm light that’s easy on your eyes.

An aromatic note can transform a room, too. Simply lighting a candle or burning incense warms things up straight away, refreshing your senses and transporting you somewhere far away. Hibi incense offers a quick, tantalising moment of escape, without the need for matches. Just strike one of the sticks on the side of the pack like you would a safety match, and enjoy the fragrance of yuzu (a Japanese citrus), or sandalwood, or lavender.

The most important thing is that your home office suits you. Even if you have to share the space, or it does part-time duty as a playroom, you can put your own stamp on it to make work from home a bit more palatable.