While we're all making the tough but necessary choice to #stayhome, you can only binge-watch Tiger King and look at your phone for so long before you start to feel... a little off. To help you make the most of your days at home, we're sharing some self-care tips that keep us feeling human when things are so strange. Today: achieve something small.

Decide what matters

Whatever your day looks like, you've probably gone through some big changes lately. Whether the house is bustling with kids home from school, or you're suddenly faced with an overload of spare time, setting yourself a manageable goal and achieving it will help you to feel in control.

To get started, figure out what's important to you. Want to get stuck into that novel you've been putting off? Or maybe you'd like to use this time to expand your recipe repertoire – the goal is totally up to you. Choosing something creative helps to stimulate parts of your brain that aren't challenged by your new routine, but remember that creativity comes in many forms. We love writing and drawing, but cooking is a creative act, and so is decorating a room, or tending to a garden. Find something that satisfies you, and focus on that – you're doing this for yourself, first and foremost.

Achieve something small

Once you know where you want to go, you can break down the bigger goal and set daily or weekly goals to help you get where you want to go. Instead of putting "WRITE NOVEL" on a post-it above your desk, keeping it small and manageable saves you from getting overwhelmed. Commit to writing every day for 5 minutes, or cooking a new meal every other day, and you'll soon find it gets easier and easier to hit your target. Even something as simple as colouring can help you feel like you're moving forward!

With those little wins under your belt, you'll find it easier to relax and focus on everything else. And your novel or your recipe repertoire or your garden will grow a little more each day.

Find the tools to help you

Starting each new project with a fresh notebook helps make it feel real. Plus, if you've always got a few on the go, you can just switch notebooks and move to another one! A Rhodia pad gives you plenty of room to write if you can spare the desk space, but it's hard to beat a hardcover Moleskine or Leuchtturm notebook so you can move to the couch when the mood strikes.

Handwriting also helps to keep you focused, with fewer distractions than a laptop or phone. Plus, there's a mindful quality to the experience of writing by hand – it requires that extra bit of attention and focus, with a satisfying tactile element to it. The LAMY Safari fits neatly in your hand, and the smooth flow of a fountain pen feels magical when the words start rolling out. If you'd like something simpler, Studio Milligram's ballpoint pen is slim and lightweight to make it easy to write for hours.

If you're keen to level-up your cooking, there are heaps of useful tools to get you inspired. DOIY's Chef 30 Day Challenge gives you a new recipe to try each day, slowly ramping up the difficulty over the month so your kitchen skills grow along with your menu. Or you can explore the surprising flavours of Scandinavia with Rachel Khoo's The Little Swedish Kitchen, and mix up your meals with Sweden's distinctive approach to food.

 For the aspiring green thumbs, the book Urban Jungle has plenty of sage wisdom on how to choose the right plants to liven up your home, which sounds extra appealing to me right now.

What's right for you

And those are just some of the goals you can set yourself. You could master calligraphy, perfect your bullet journal, practice brewing a killer coffee, or anything else that inspires you. Self-care isn't just about relaxation – sometimes it means challenging yourself, and helping yourself achieve something small every day is a great way to make sure you're getting the stimulation you need.

If you'd like any advice on how to get started with our self-care tips, MiGoals notebooks are full of great tools to help you achieve, or send us an email (hello@milligram.com) and we'll be happy to help with the best advice.