We love it when a new year begins — that thrill of goal-setting, the catharsis of reflection, envisioning a new and improved version of yourself — and treating yourself to the best organisational stationery (very important!).

It's a really inspiring time, but inspiration loses its steam quickly when you can't see progress. Our advice? Turn your goals into action by breaking down your big goals into achievable monthly and weekly tasks to keep you motivated — and don't forget to celebrate the small wins.

To help you with your planning, we ask the Milligram team what they use to help them plan their weeks and keep their goals and projects on track.

Megan, Merchandising and Experience Manager

I’m all about lists! I like to keep all my major projects in one place, and the Milligram Studio Dot Grid Memo Pad means I can also create little checkboxes and tick things off as I go, which is very satisfying. At the beginning of every week, I just tear off a new page, and start again!
Milligram Studio Dot Grid Memo Pad

Phil, Digital Manager

I mainly plan my week in my Midori Traveler's Notebook. I use a Weekly Memo for planning my week and a grid insert for quickly jotting down ideas and tracking projects. My everyday pen of choice is my LAMY Safari, but I swap to my Kaweco AL-Sport when out and about. I also carry a Palomino Blackwing pencil for sketching out ideas.

Midori Traveler's Notebook Weekly memo Diary
Midori Traveler's Notebook Weekly memo Diary
Palomino Blackwing Volumes 33 1/3 Pencil
Kaweco Al-Sport Black Night Fountain Pen

Joey, Customer Relations Manager

There are a select few products which I credit to keeping my daily, weekly and monthly plans in check; especially when time matters the most.

The Quitterie Diary is the refillable blessing (thank you, Delfonics) that I can’t go a day without. The ‘Type B’ weekly layout allows for day-specific note keeping on the left, and any other details you may wish to add on the adjacent lined page.

For weekly to-do lists that are written on the fly, the Milligram Studio Weekly Planner Pad, along with the LAMY Tipo rollerball pen (the capless one-click wonder) is a combination that makes task writing a speedy breeze; and one that lives on my desk.

To keep your planning products together when you’re on the move, the Milligram Studio + Delfonics collaboration pouch is a stylish waterproof zip-up that is guaranteed to hold your goods through rain, hail or shine (or spilt coffee).

Delfonics 2019 Quitterie Diary Notebook
Delfonics 2019 Quitterie Diary Notebook
LAMY tipo rollerball pen
Milligram Studio Weekly Planner Pad

Michelle, Product Development and Production Manager

My go to tool for organisation is the Milligram Studio Non-diary. I couldn’t get through the week without it! This year I’m using the dot grid format with Evi O’s beautiful Adagio artwork. The month overview holds all my appointments and fun stuff, then I use each page as a task list to keep me on track through the week.

Milligram Studio Non-Diary in Adagio


What do you use to plan your week and keep you motivated?

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