At Milligram we stock some of the world’s best brands and their offerings. At times we found we were searching for products that hadn’t been created yet – and so Studio Milligram was born.

Meet Jack, The Product Designer for Studio Milligram.

We sat down with Jack to go behind-the-scenes inside his essential toolkit and talk about what a typical day in the studio is like.

What does a typical day for you involve?

Everyday is a little bit different, which I love, but my favourite days are during the early concept development stage. These are days full of hand sketching and 3D modelling work. I can really lose myself in this type of work and emerge days later with some exciting new product ideas.

I spend other days hand making prototypes and product testing which is always a blast. When we developed our scent collection we spent weeks upon weeks burning and smelling things which was some weird fun.

And then some days I might spend deep in spread sheets making bills-of-materials, budgets and talking with manufacturers.

What are your essential everyday tools?

A good sketching pen and a mountain of scrap paper are design essentials. In the early stages of design I do a tonne of throw-away sketches in an almost cathartic process of divergent exploration. Problem solving through quick-and-dirty visualisation is a tried and tested method of design.

How do you choose the right pencil/ pen?

I think this is about finding your own style. I sketch in ink because it makes you commit to things - every line has consequence and nothing is reversible. I like the precision of a felt-tip fine liner that gives you an architectural sketchy style that's uncompromising line-work and hatched shadows. There is a certain visual clarity you get when working in black & white and using positive & negative space. Plus I'm rubbish with coloured markers.

What do you listen to when you work?

At the moment I'm digging ambience & neo-classical. Olafur Arnolds, Nils Frahm, Tycho or Bing & Ruth always put me in a chill head-space for head-down sketching while not steeling too much of my attention.

What do you always pack with you when you’re on the go?

A camera. This is the best tool to encourage and nurture a curious nature. I'm always trying to see things around me as if for the first time.

What is your favourite item from the Studio Milligram collection?

The Studio Milligram oil burner. We took a chance on something bold and uncompromising.

Advice for budding product designers?

Design simply. There is no elegance in complicated things. Try to look for the simplest solutions to things because they are usually the best.