Full disclosure: I'm kind of in love with the new Kaweco Perkeo! It's such a fun new release from Kaweco - a brand that always makes amazing pens but they all feel far more 'serious' that the Perkeo. I mean, even its name is fun - perky, even! It's also one of their few full length pens, rather than the compact, pocket pen style we know them for. So I was keen to see the pens in person and write a review of the Kaweco Perkeo - to ensure there's more to this pen than looks! 

Review Kaweco Perkeo - the heritage

Kaweco really focus on the heritage of their brand - they regularly look to 'the old' as inspiration for 'the new'. The Perkeo was no different. The Perkeo's roots are from 1900 as a 'dip pen' from the Heidelberg Dip Pen company, which was later to become Kaweco. The new pen is unmistakably a Kaweco, but with some modern touches and in a 'full length' pen, rare for Kaweco.

perkeo-compare-other-kawecoReview Kaweco Perkeo - the styling

The body of the pen is made of ABS plastic - so it's extremely light. This is kind of a plus and a minus for me. I like a weighty pen - but don't own that many of them really! I also like an easy, 'toss in your bag' pen - and light pens are great for this. The resin, and matte finish, means the pen doesn't look too 'shiny cheap' which some pens can.

What appeals to me about the styling of this pen is that it is really a study in contrasts. The main body has a 16 point fluted finish, whilst the cap has 8 points/surfaces. Most pens on the market are single colour - these four Kaweco Perkeos each feature two complementary colours that work really well together...despite the fact they've called the black & pink combo 'bad taste'! The fluted design of the body also limits roll on a desk if uncapped.

Finally - the Perkeo only comes in fountain pen. And I've such a soft spot for fountains, despite my tendency to always sport ink-stained fingers! The nibs are stainless steel - two come with a silver nib and two with a black. capped-kaweco

Review Kaweco Perkeo - writing

I was very happy with the writing experience. I already own some Kaweco fountain pens that I write with regularly - a Skyline and a Classic. They also have steel nibs and I've enjoyed writing with them. The nib on the Perkeo is a little larger than the Skyline and Classic nibs. It also felt just a little more flexible. The pens come in either a fine or a medium - I tried the medium and found it a slightly inkier writer than a standard Kaweco medium nib.

I do like the longer style of the Perkeo - posted it's 16cm long. For me, the longer pen feels a little more balanced when writing.

The Perkeo takes Kaweco cartridges or a Kaweco converter if you prefer bottled ink colour varieties.

writing-perkeo open-perkeo


  • The colour pairings and styling
  • The price - it's very affordable
  • The longer body style


  • It's quite light - which may not suit some people's taste

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