A pocket notebook is the perfect size to carry with you wherever you go, it makes an ideal companion for ideas and notes on the go!

We asked our Instagram community how they would use a pocket notebook.

  • I'd use it to track my favourite beers.
  • I use small notebooks for writing & jotting poems, ideas & sent received letters.
  • I'd use it to copy out my favourite poems.
  • Make notes about my darkroom printing times and settings.
  • I use a small notebook to go for my weekend appointments and Notes for the school. And at home a Filofax for my lists, wishes, notes, to do list and more.Field Notes Signature
  • I would use the amazing Field Notes Black Ice on my adventure to fulfil my lifelong dream: summit Mt. Everest.
  • Plan the next steps of business growth in my office supplies company, which is underway, thus being acquisition of a local competitor!! Onward and upwards!!
  • This would be my book bible, what I've read, what I've captured, what other books in the wild I'm hunting for.
  • Start a bullet journal.
  • I would bring a pocket notebook with me everywhere I go and jot down notes, ideas, lists, and plans that pop up in mind.
  • I would use these for ministry related notes: hospital visits, message ideas, study notes, prayer requests and a host of other things related to full time pastoral work. There's a lot of information to write down!
  • I would use these as any other good pocket notebook: a replacement for a smartphone! All my contacts, dates, even my financing I do on Field Notes!

    Midori Traveler's Notebook Refill

    • I would give one to my son so that every time he looked at it, it reminded him to just send his mother a little note to make her day.
    • The perfect usage: use it for next semester classes and make the others in class jealous!
    • If I looked back at my pocket notebooks in a few months' time I'd find notes about art, sketches and doodles, notes about teaching and writing, snippets of conversation and tiny maps... a rich resource for future letters, lessons and paintings.
    • As a Phd student I'd use them for random Phd thoughts that pop into my head when I am out and about.
    • The wife and I are doing some traveling this summer and I would write down all our adventures.
    • I wanna use this sassy little notebook to make notes on my new Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

      Blackwing ClutchBlackwing Clutch in Pearl

      • I would use them to log all of my runs and workouts this summer!
      • I'd use them as the perfect new bullet journal.
      • I'd make a flip book out of them.
      • I would use them to track all books read this year, quotable quotes and reviews!
      • Celebrate the Autumn Equinox with drawings of falling leaves and scribbles with my Palomino 'half the pressure twice the speed' of winter wishes still to come.

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