Whether we'll be putting them under the tree for our loved ones or for ourselves, the Milligram team have got their eyes on some special treasures this Christmas. Here's what we're hoping to see on Christmas morning....


LAMY studio rollerball (Phil – Online Manager)

An impossibly graceful pen even by LAMY's high standards, the studio is elegant both in style and function. The rollerball ink matches that grace, allowing the pen to dance over the page as you write. And now that the newly-arrived Glacier Special Edition is here, with its frosty-blue finish, the studio is harder to pass up.

LAMY studio glacier Special Edition Rollerball Pen, with an ice-blue finish and chrome accents on the grip and clip

Check out the LAMY studio rollerball pen


Leif 'Joy' Two Hands Gift Set  (Grace – Marketing Assistant and Joanna – Customer Service Manager)

So popular that several staff members nominated it, Leif's gift sets are a gorgeous way to help a loved one spoil themselves with beautiful fragrances derived from Australian native botanicals. In a year when we've all been scrubbing our hands and going hard on the hand sanitiser, taking care of your hands with the wonder of Leif is a welcome indulgence. And, as Grace pointed out, the packaging really adds something special, right down to the drawstring cotton bag inside. 

 Leif Joy Two Hands Gift Set. A small brown pump-pack sits next to a pink tube of hand cream, on top of a white box that has the word JOY printed above a star

Check out the Leif 'Joy' Two Hands Gift Set


Kinto Carat Pourover Coffee Maker (Jack – Studio Milligram Product Designer)

A silver lining of lockdown was making a pot of pourover coffee each morning. Smoother and more subtle than espresso, there's a nuance of flavour to a pourover that's changed my daily routine for the better. The ritual aspect is a bit like putting on a record – that bit of extra attention and conscious engagement with what you're doing really makes for a soothing start to the day. And as the weather's warming up, you can make your pourover coffee and chill it in the fridge for a refreshing caffeine hit on a sweltering day. Just make sure to get good beans! Talk to your local roaster about filter varieties, and you'll have a coffee experience like no other.

Kinto Carat Pourover Coffee Maker sat on a bench, with a full pot of black coffee and a matching Carat cup beside it 

Check out the Kinto Carat Pourover Coffee Maker


Studio Milligram Scented Candle (Siew – Merchandise Planning Manager)

Candles get a bad rap at Christmas. The fallback of people who don't really get the person they're buying for, we like to think our studio Milligram sensory range is a little more personal. With scents inspired by Australia's wild landscape and unique flora, you can give a loved one an escape from the everyday that transports them to a dense old-growth forest (Study of Trees), to the salty air of our rugged coast (Shoal), or into the feel of a night under an endless starry sky (Nocturne). Show you care, and pick the experience your recipient would love, and your gift will mean even more.

 Studio Milligram's Nocturne Scented Candle – a small glass vessel with wax candle inside sat next to a red cube box with Nocturne printed in white

Check out the Studio Milligram Scented Candle


Bellroy Tech Carry Kit (Scott – Milligram CEO)

A long-time lover of Bellroy, Scott's been raving about his Tech Carry Kit since picking one up earlier this year. Giving him a home for all his cables and devices, Scott now finds that he's not losing his tech stuff constantly, so his friends and family might find one in their Santa Stocking this year.

 Bellroy Tech Carry Kit laid open with cables, mice etc in its many pockets

Check out the Bellroy Tech Carry Kit


Blackwing 602 and Rhodia No.16 5x5 (Megan – Merchandising and Experience Manager)

This combo is an essential part of Megan's day, keeping things simple while she's doing a million different things in a million different places. Whether she's sketching a store layout or making plans with her team, the humble pairing of a Blackwing 602 pencil and a Rhodia notepad can handle anything Megan throws at them. 

A close-up of a Blackwing 602 pencil, which reads "Half the pressure twice the speed" in gold foil along the silver-grey body 
Check out the Blackwing 602 Pencil
Rhodia No.16 Notepad with the cover folded back to reveal dot grid pages

 Check out the Rhodia No.16 Notepad


Kinto Travel Tumbler (Helen – Graphic Designer)

A fixture of her work-from-home life, Helen relies on the Travel Tumbler to keep her warm drinks warm and her cold drinks cold. It's even become an essential companion when she goes on hikes, so it's a star outside as well as indoors.

Kinto Travel Tumbler in white held in a person's hand in front of a city building

Check out the Kinto Travel Tumbler


Studio Milligram Glass Oil Burner (Michelle – Studio Milligram Brand Manager)

It's a bit like choosing your favourite child, but Michelle's been enamoured with the new Glass Oil Burner since the finished product was ready a few weeks ago. The retro-inspired design is warm and welcoming, and has kept her home smelling like a day spa ever since it arrived.

Studio Milligram's Glass Oil Burner, made a translucent orange glass (think 70s) in a curvy shape, sat in front of a grey box

Check out the Studio Milligram Glass Oil Burner


Bellroy City Pouch (Emma – Buyer)

Like the rest of our buying team, Emma is up to speed on all the latest and greatest, so she's got her eyes on a product that's arriving just in time for Christmas. Bellroy's new City Pouch is a compact marvel that's quickly going to become your constant companion when you head out for the day. Slim but surprisingly spacious for such a small bag, the City Pouch will help keep your hands free on a day trip to the city, or a zoo visit, or when you're running off to meet friends for coffee.

Bellroy City Pouch in Marine Blue, shown open with a phone inside and key loop hanging out

Check out the Bellroy City Pouch


Arcadia Scott Ceramics Travel Cup (Ginger – Digital Editor)

Now that Melbourne's opening up again, and cafes are taking reusable cups once more, I'm eyeing one of Arcadia's gorgeous Travel Cups as a present from me to me. The Aurora Borealis finish is so delightful, and the feel of a ceramic cup is something plastic just can't replace. I'm even thinking about getting the matching planter for my Monstera – that's how much I love Arcadia's work! 

Arcadia Scott Ceramics Travel Cup in Aurora Borealis finish (a mix of sandy, blue and green colours)

Check out the Arcadia Scott Ceramics Travel Cup