With roots dating back to 8th century Japan, furoshiki's popularity has exploded in recent years as people all over the world look to traditional methods for eco-friendly ways of living. Like bento boxes or India's tiffin carriers, furoshiki is a time-tested, reusable and wonderfully effective solution that cuts down on waste, and makes your presents look amazing. There's a trick to nailing furoshiki wrapping, but follow the steps below, and your presents will look breathtaking in no time!


Corner to Corner

This approach suits small gifts, using a square cloth like our Fabric Gift Wrap.

Step 1

Lay your fabric wrap print-side down on a flat surface so that the corners are laid out like the points of a compass, and place your gift in the middle. Since we're going to fold the corners in, lay your gift so its corners point to the long edges of the wrapping sheet.

Corner to Corner furoshiki wrap step 1

Step 2

Take the left and right corners of the wrapping sheet, and bring them together so they meet right over the present. Tie them in a double knot to prevent it slipping.

Corner to Corner furoshiki wrapping step 2

Step 3

Bring the other two corners together in the same way, and double-knot them over the top of the previous knot.

Corner to Corner furoshiki wrapping step 3

Step 4

Tidy up the edges to make sure the wrapping is neat, and you're ready to delight a loved one with your elegantly presented gift.

Corner to Corner furoshiki wrapping step 4


If your present is larger, or an awkward shape, Corner to Corner might not cut it – that's where the Fold-Over method comes in. It's a bit more involved, but still surprisingly simple, and incredibly effective. This works with both fabric wraps, but for bigger present, go for the larger 630mm x 630mm.

Step 1

As with the Corner to Corner approach, lay your cloth flat with the printed side down. This time, though, place your gift against the corner closest to you, with its longest side facing you.

Fold-over furoshiki wrapping step 1

Step 2

Fold the corner closest to you over the gift, then roll the gift away from you so the folded corner comes to meet the wrap again. Roll the gift again until you've got it all snugly wrapped up with loose corners on the left and right.

Fold-over furoshiki wrapping step 2

Step 3

Take the two loose corners and straighten them out, then bring them together on the top of your gift.

Fold-over furoshiki wrapping step 3

Step 4

Bring the two loose corners together over the present, and tie them in a double knot. 

Fold-over furoshiki wrapping step 4

Step 5

Tuck away any loose bits of fabric, and your gift is ready to take pride of place under the tree.

Fold-over furoshiki wrapping step 5

Furoshiki wrapping looks complex, but it's deceptively easy, which makes it an impressive way to present your gifts this Christmas. Plus, your recipient can re-use the fabric wrap for their future presents without having to spend agonising minutes gently and carefully removing sticky tape like my Nan does.

If you're still a bit unclear on how to wrap your gifts, our team has created a handy video to show you the simplest ways to use furoshiki to make your Christmas extra delightful.

And make sure you grab your Studio Milligram Fabric Gift Wrap now so your presents wow your friends and loved ones! Send us some snaps of your freshly-wrapped gifts on Instagram so we can see how you've used furoshiki for your gifts.