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Give your keys a better-fitting home with the stylish and sleek design of Orbitkey's Crazy Horse leather key organiser.

Named for the highly-resilient leather used in its construction, the Crazy Horse key organiser is meticulously engineered to make it easy to carry your essentials. No more jingles or key-scratches – the smooth pivot-point of an Orbitkey organiser makes it easy to get your keys out when you need them while keeping them neat when you don't. Once you've experienced the ease and sophistication of an Orbitkey, you'll never go back.

Made from full-grain cowhide leather (some of the highest quality leather you can get), Crazy Horse leather is completely buffed, smoothened, and coated with a special wax which allows it to develop a unique natural patina over time.

Inspired by intentional living and contemporary industrial design, Orbitkey was founded with the simple plan to deal with the frustration of our noisy pockets, cluttered bags, and m