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Use Moleskine's Baby Journal as a reference point in the whirlwind life with a newborn.

From the moment you discover you're expecting, to baby's second birthday, this journal helps you capture all the ups, downs and incredible milestones of parenthood.

Featuring six separate sections to help you on your way Nine Months to Go, B-Day, Special Moments, Health & Care, Notes and Addresses. Each section has a handy structured layout to guide your notes, as well as enough blank space for you to freely record events however you choose.

Not just a handy guide, the Baby Journal is also a permanent record of your journey as a family - from your very first impressions of the tiny new life in your arms, to feeding, first steps and beyond. Add keepsakes, sketches and photos to transform its pages into a scrapbook to cherish forever. The Baby Journal comes in a smart, protective box, making it a wonderful gift for anyone starting their own family.