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Designed for writer's comfort, the Midori MD notebook with plain fountain pen friendly pages gets an update. Featuring a red border around each page to give you more structure, this notebook allows you to turn this notebook into a diary or journal.

Designed deliberately with no cover but instead with a cheesecloth mesh tape appended to the spine in plain sight, a coloured bookmark and index label sticker, this A5 notebook with 192 pages is designed with a minimalist approach for ease of use to enhance the enjoyment of writing. This MD notebook is created using traditional thread-stitched book-binding methods, with 16 pages of paper folded into a bundle and stitched down the spine for durability and a perfect lay-flat design opening to 180 degrees.

This notebook is available in various sizes and formats, and comes wrapped in a cover sheet of paraffin paper to guard your notebook against dirt and grime.