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Take impeccable care of your delicate hands with Leif's best-selling Buddha Wood hand wash.

A clean-formulated hand wash, the cedarwood oil and extracts of coconut oil work together to lift away dirt and unwanted oils from your skin, leaving it fresh, clean and soft. The calming fragrances of buddha wood and sandalwood work to keep you calm and alert, with a refreshing citrus note courtesy of sweet orange oil to brighten your day.

Celebrating Australia’s diverse flora, Leif combines botanical extracts and essential oils in clean formulations free from sulphates, parabens and other undesirables. These intoxicating concoctions, rich with natural exfoliants and ingredients selected for their deep purifying qualities, are presented in impeccably stylish containers that make Leif’s range of hand and body washes an exceptional experience for all your senses.