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This gorgeous tea cup is a great option for avid tea drinkers. The gorgeous arched handle is designed to be easy to hold and carry, preventing hand cramps and allowing tea drinkers to enjoy their entire beverage without problems. The unified diameter of this cup allows you to place a strainer or lid on top for the perfect tea experience.

Thanks to the large size and 510 ml capacity, this cup is perfect for easily serving larger amounts of tea. Unlike other large mugs, this one has a natural curve and attractive design that ensures that it is smoothly curved without too much bulge.

The clear design of the cup is great for anyone who wants to watch their tea bloom, as the clear glass allows the tea to swirl beautifully before your eyes. Even though this cup excels when used for hot beverages, the glass has been rated for use with cold drinks, as well. The thicker bottom of the cup prevents cracking and ensures structural integrity.