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Kaweco fountain pen nibs are made by the highly regarded Bock family in Heidelberg, Germany. The nib is stainless steel, plated in 23 kt gold with an iridium tip that helps 'wear' the nib into your writing style and also protects it from abrasion by contact with your paper.

The spare nib is extremely easy to change. You simply screw the grip section out and then screw it in again. This spare nib unit can be used to convert your Kaweco Classic Sport Rollerball or Ballpoint pen into a fountain pen with the same method above.QUANTITY: 1 x spare nib
NIB: Medium (M)
SUITS: Kaweco Classic Sport fountain pen, rollerball pen, and capped ballpoint pen
MATERIALS: Stainless steel with 23kt Gold plate and ABS plastic casing
SOURCE: Made in Germany