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Australian company, Addition Studio believe you can create a calm, healthy and creative existence by performing daily rituals, which nourish your mind and body.

This Treatment Set is a complete health & beauty set to detox, relax & rejuvenate, which includes a Body Scrub, Bath Soak & Clay Mask.

Enjoy a Body Scrub made with Native White Ochre & Zeolite clay, with Kunzea and Fragonia Essential Oils that will be a relaxing and enlightening detox experience. Follow it with a Bath Soak made with Native Ground Wattleseed & Pink Ochre, with Blue Cypress & Macadamia Oil that's sure to be an invigorating and energising body scrub experience. Finish off with a Clay Mask made with Australian Olive Green Clay — a powerful face mask to rebalance oil levels and aid skin repair.

Formed in 2010, Addition Studio envision a life where refined design, a healthy lifestyle and a clear mind come together seamlessly. Addition Studio synthesise popular culture, hea