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Be kind to yourself and the planet

Love Tea dreams of slowing down and treasuring each moment in life with aromatic spices and therapeutic herbs. With every delicious sip, you can take care of your body and the health of our precious planet.

Tea that’s committed to making the world a better place 

Love Tea was founded with an emphasis on organic agriculture, fair trade principles and a mission to holistically work towards a world where those terms are no longer needed. The Melbourne grown tea brand is also working closely with Greening Australia to make their business completely carbon neutral. Love Tea ensures that their crafted infusions are sourced from organic crops and follow a fair trade journey to maintain the health and future of the planet and Mother Nature.

Organic, aromatic and exceptionally tasty 

Love Tea’s delicate infusions of traditional organic tea leaves mixed with the therapeutic benefits of species and natural oils are warm bliss in a cup. From loose-leaf goodness in authentic flavours to modern blends in eco-friendly pyramid tea bags, Love Tea has a cup of delicious wellness tea to please every tea lover’s taste buds. Whether you’re after French Earl Grey blended with floral petals, a sweetened English Breakfast, or a Sleeping infusion made for you to relax and drift into a deep slumber, our range of aromatic teas will help you cherish the quiet moments in life with exceptional flavours and benefits. 

Love Tea’s planet-friendly packaging 

Love Tea believes in making a positive change by creating an alternative to how they conduct their business. Starting with post-consumer recycled cardboards, clear pouches, plant-based pyramid tea bags and vegetable-based inks, every aspect of Love Tea’s packing is designed to break down in your home compost heap. This helps reduce the abundance of cardboard and waste while working towards a carbon-neutral environment.

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