Rhodia produces notebooks and notepads that have serious devotees among artists, designers and writers. They even have some rather famous fans, like Francis Ford Copolla and fashion guru Paul Smith. The distinct orange covers have been notable since the 1930's, when orange was the standard card stock. So just what is it about Rhodia pads and notebooks that people love?

Anatomy of Rhodia Pad

The Rhodia paper

Seriously, this paper is amazing. In the standard range, it's 80 gsm, smooth and silky. It's also fountain pen friendly, which really means you can write with anything your heart desires without feathering and bleed-through. The standard pad range paper is white, whilst the Premium R Pad range is cream/off-white and comes in a slightly heavier 90 gsm stock.

The Rhodia dot grid

The Rhodia range has a range of 'rulings' from grid, to plain, to ruled. Being a French company, they even have seyes ruling, common to French schoolchildren, but new to many of us!

But the real favourite to Milligram customers is the dot grid. In fact, dot grid is much loved but in short supply amongst many notebook ranges  hint, hint.


Rhodia page rulings

The Rhodia attention to detail

The scored cover on the pads allow for the best possible 'fold back', and the top page perforation allows for clean removal. So these pads have been designed with real thought for practical use.

Others in the range also have special features. The Rhodia Webnote (the "Webby") features a hard cover for a more sturdy notebook and some of the side-bound pads are already hole-punched. The Rhodia meeting notebook offers space at the top of each page for the date, meeting topic and purpose with the left delineated for notes and the right side for actions from your meeting.


rhodia dot grid a4


The Rhodia environmental creditentials

Clairefontaine makes the paper for Rhodia. Clairefontaine is currently the only manufacturer making its own paper for its own products in France. This guarantees not only consistent product quality, but also controls the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

All Clairefontaine paper is recyclable and biodegradable. Clairefontaine only buys pulp from sustainable forests that are certified according to recognised international standards (PEFC, FSC, etc.). These certifications also ensure that endangered wildlife habitat is protected, worker health and safety laws are kept, and the rights of indigenous communities are respected.

The Rhodia price

These notepads and notebooks are extremely reasonably priced for their quality. For example, the popular A4 size pad #18 is only AUD$9.95  making this a reasonable choice for a professional, day-to-day notepad. Plus, did you know that Milligram offers tiered pricing when you buy 3+ notebooks? So the more you buy, the cheaper the products become.

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