As we slowly return to our offices and scrape off the thin layer of dust that's settled all over our desks, there's no reason to go back to the way things were. Shake up the status quo, and make your workspace work for you with these powerful ways to refresh your desk.


Give your space some structure

One of the reasons desks turn into dumping grounds is that there's so much dead space. Space that isn't being used tends to fill up with debris, stuff we just pop down "for a second" then never touch again. It piles up, and soon it's too much effort to clean, so that debris becomes part of the everyday landscape. If that sounds familiar, don't worry – this is a great chance to hit the reset button, and get your desk under control.

First, take a hard look at your desk, and ask yourself: which parts do you actually use? Those high-traffic areas need to be kept clear to help you do your job, so carve out that space and make sure it's easy to sit down and get to work. The Orbitkey Desk Mat is a simple way to give your desk some structure, and keep the clutter from encroaching on the areas you use the most. Plus, its magnetic cable holders can keep your chargers neat and close to hand, saving even more precious desk space.


An Orbitkey Desk Mat (a rectangular stone-coloured mat laid on a desk) with a laptop, phone, and mouse resting on it as a pair of hands type at the laptop keyboard

A place for everything

Once you know where the important stuff like your laptop will be, you get to decide what to do with those other, less-trafficked spaces. If your desk tends to breed chaos, having a designated spot to contain the sprawl helps keep it from overwhelming the rest of your desk and overloading your mind. Rifle Paper Co.'s Desk Organiser is a simple way to round up a bunch of loose things and put them into a usable order, so you can quickly lay hands on your notepad or a catalogue from 2016 that you're still hanging onto for some reason. 


Rifle Paper Co. Desk Organiser | Milligram [img: a small storage box with multiple compartments holds notebooks, file folders, pencils and more. The storage box is wrapped in a floral print]


If stationery is your vice, well, you're in the right place, and we know better than most how a sprawling pen collection can take over a desk. Keep things under control with something like the Canvas Roll Pencil Case from Delfonics, which lets you open it up and see all your pens, then roll it back up so it isn't cluttering your desk. 


Delfonics Canvas Roll Pencil Case | Milligram [img: a black piece of canvas lays flat on a white surface, with pens, brushes and scissors held in its slim vertical pockets. A strip of canvas with a push-stud hangs off one side of the canvas piece]

Give yourself room to stay organised

Even if Google Calendar is your most-used app, having tangible reminders and plans laid out can help to keep the important things in the front of your mind. Since we spend so much time at our computers, a desk pad is a simple way to stay across your key appointments, reminders, to-do lists and everything else you need to keep on top of. Using Karst's Weekly Desk Pad to lay out your upcoming deadlines and reflect on your successes isn't just good for managing your workload – committing the space to a desk pad helps prevent papers and other debris filling that vacant space, so it helps you stay organised in more ways than one! If your workspace is already feeling crowded, or you're an intense organiser, Karst's Daily Desk Pad crams a lot into a compact space so you can stay focused without overloading your desk.


Karst Weekly Desk Pad | Milligram [img: a white rectangular pad with a black strip across the top. A black band wraps around the pad vertically on the right side, with white text reading Karst Stone Paper Weekly Desk Pad]

Hot Desk Life

Don't think we forgot about those of you dealing with hot desks. The scourge of many modern offices, living that hot desk life doesn't mean you get out of being organised – if anything, you need to be MORE organised to survive in that kind of environment. Keeping all your things neat helps you get out smoothly when 5pm hits, and helps make sure you don't leave your laptop charger behind for an unscrupulous co-worker to snag. Bellroy's Tech Carry Kit keeps that laptop charger tidy along with your phone charger, ear buds, and all the other things that tend to get left behind when you scramble to make the train, so you can toss it in your bag at the end of the day and still know exactly where everything is.

Bellroy Tech Carry Kit | Milligram [img: a Bellroy Tech Carry Kit sat open, revealing neatly strapped cables, headphones, and more inside the grey rectangular case]


In a similar organisational vein, Orbitkey's Nest gives all your tiny essentials a tidy home, from USB chargers and SD cards to your house keys and lip balm. Not only does the Nest save you digging around the bottom of your backpack to find a flash drive, it's also a powerhouse – with an inbuilt battery and wireless charging, the Nest can top up your phone or AirPods to give you the juice you need to get home.


Orbitkey Nest Desk Organiser | Milligram [img: an Orbitkey Nest with its top open, held in one hand as another puts an AirPor case inside alongside an Apple mouse, USB charger and sundry cables]




The hardest part of getting organised is starting, but sitting down at our desks after so long gives us a built-in fresh start that we can use to kickstart the kind of good habits we always wish we had. Make the most of your space, keep it tidy, and you'll be amazed by how much smoother your day runs when you aren't digging through a stack of papers to find your wallet.