Our in-house creative team, Studio Milligram, work hard to offer distinctive stationery and homewares options developed right here in Melbourne. Starting in October 2017 with their first series of notebooks, the team has followed up an impressive range of diaries, desk objects, lighting and prints with their innovative Sensory range. Including candles, essential oils, room sprays and even volcanic 'pot pourri', the Sensory range has been created in Melbourne and inspired by the scents of Australia's natural wonders.

We sat down with the Product Development Manager, Michelle Quinn, to learn more about the intoxicating Sensory range.

Why did Studio Milligram want to venture into scent?

A sensory experience is incredibly powerful. It can uplift, calm or cleanse, transport you to another time or place or transform your home or office into a sanctuary. We love exploring thoughtful ways to create experiences for our audience and the sensory collection provided a new medium to explore.

What inspired this particular collection?

The collection was built from the ground up in collaboration with a local perfumer. We are visual team and it quickly became obvious that we needed a new language to articulate our ideas (very much like wine tasting!). Nature was an excellent way to communicate with our perfumer. The final collection is inspired by Australian landscapes and experiences. Shoal by sea and coastlines, Ultra Violet by the heady fragrance of a garden in the summer heat, Overland to the bushland, Study of Trees to old growth forests and Nocturne to the expansiveness of the Australian night sky.

Do you have a favourite scent or products in this range?

I love the freshness of Overland. It brings me back to my grandmother’s farm in central NSW, set in bushland that extends forever. The scent runs across the entire collection but I particularly love the essential oil. All oils were blended with a chemist and each have specific therapeutic properties with Overland blended for mental clarity and uplifting.

Tell us a bit more about how you came to do 'volcanic' potpourri?

The idea of scenting ‘volcanic’ rock may seem very obscure but they are a perfect naturally formed object to carry scent. The porous surface of the rock allows a very soft scent release creating a modern interpretation of traditional potpourri. They are sold with smoke finish mouth blown glass carrier and top up fragrance. These have been a favourite with our customers so far!

What's next for the Studio Milligram team?

We've just released our 2020 diaries and our Christmas collections so it's been a busy time for us! We are loving the expansions across these new categories which have allowed us to work with so many incredible people.

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