From its unique flora and sweeping landscapes to the innovative brands and creators that call this island home, there are a host of great reasons to look locally when you're shopping for a loved one. Producing breakthroughs in sustainable design that help us protect our natural environment right alongside some of the best ways to take care of yourself, our Australian gift guide is good for everyone involved.


Bellroy's Market Tote


A person holding a Market Tote in Khaki by the handles as they walk


Bellroy has been reinventing the way we carry things for more than a decade now, and they're still pushing boundaries. The Bells Beach brand's Market Tote is an innovative twist on the familiar canvas tote bag that's seen everywhere from libraries to farmer's markets to grocers and more. The redesign makes better use of the space, with some careful pocket placement helping you to keep your fresh avos safe from being crushed under a bottle of organic wine, but it's the material that makes Bellroy's recent creations so exciting.

Like more than 90% of their bags, Bellroy's Market Tote uses a material that's made entirely from recycled PET plastic bottles. More than just producing a robust, lightweight bag, that material means single-use plastic stays out of landfill in a huge win for the planet. But that's just the beginning for Bellroy – with new innovations in plant-based fibres (which you can already find in some versions of the Classic Pouch and Standing Pouch Plus), the design mavens are constantly working to get closer to their goal of a circular economy, and  sustainable living.

Bellroy's Market Tote in Ranger Green fabric, filled with a loaf of bread, a water bottle and lots of veggies

Check out the Bellroy Market Tote



Journey of Something's My Grandmother's Country II 1000 Piece Puzzle

Journey of Something's "My Grandmother's Country II" 1000 Piece Puzzle

With some 65,000 years living on this land, no story about the continent we call Australia is complete without honouring this country's Aboriginal history and their role in shaping the nation's future. It's only a small step, but engaging with the world's oldest continuous culture is a place to start for all people living on this land. 

Artist Natalie Jade, who created this puzzle's illustration, uses art as a way to connect to her culture and her ancestors, carrying on a tradition in her family where “paint runs through their veins”. The art for My Grandmother's Country II carries on millennia-old traditions, telling a story of water's flow through symbols that have endured for generations.

Check out Journey of Something's My Grandmother's Country II Puzzle



Studio Milligram's Glass Oil Burner


A close-up view of Studio Milligram's Glass Oil Burner in Amber


The rugged landscape of the Australian continent was a huge source of inspiration for Studio Milligram, with the brand's Sensory range drawing on the scents of native flora to pay tribute to the land's wildest reaches. Paired with the 100% natural botanicals of Studio Milligram's Essential Oil, the Glass Oil Burner is a treat for the senses that brings the vivid details of the outdoors into your home. And more than simply functional, the Glass Oil Burner is a decor feature in its own right, with gentle curves and deep colour that add to the recharging effect of your favourite essential oil. 

Studio Milligram's Glass Oil Burner in Amber

Check out the Glass Oil Burner by Studio Milligram



Arcadia Scott Ceramics's Fluted Cup


Arcadia Scott Ceramics' Fluted Cup with Lilac glaze


Full disclosure: as a one-time member of the Milligram team, we treasure Arcadia and her dog Tish for more than the beautiful ceramics she makes, but you don't need to be biased to appreciate her gorgeous work. Handcrafted in her Brunswick studio, it's hard to get more local than Arcadia, and you get to support a small creative business – all while enjoying a morning coffee or an evening tea from her earthy, delightful cups and mugs.

The Fluted Cup (shown above in Lilac glaze) has a comforting heft to it, with pairs nicely with the earthenware texture and the idiosyncratic details that make Arcadia's work so charming. With a roughly 250ml capacity, it's a solid size for any beverage, but if you want more, there's the equally-lovely Fluted Mug to hold more caffeine for you. The toughest choice? Deciding which colour to give your loved one.

Arcadia Scott Ceramics' Fluted Mug (left) and Fluted Cup (right) in Blush glaze

Arcadia Scott Ceramics' Fluted Mug (left) and Fluted Cup (right) in Blush glaze

Check out Arcadia Scott Ceramics' Fluted Cup



MiGoals' Goals Journal

An inside view of a MiGoals Goals Journal, with open pages showing prompts to get you thinking about how to achieve your goals

Sometimes someone special to you needs some inspiration, and that's where MiGoals excels. The Melbourne-based brand has made it a mission to help people set and achieve their goals, and help people live the lives they dream of. The Goals Journal is a laser-focused tool designed to break goals down, turning them from idle dreams into practical, manageable actions. Its simple layout is full of prompts and challenging questions designed to help you articulate your goals, and start chipping away at them today. So if a loved one needs some focus, the Goals Journal is a wonderful way to reshape their thinking and get them moving again.

Check out MiGoals' Goals Journal



memobottle's a5 Drink Bottle


A memobottle A5 bottle being slid into a handbag


A design marvel in a half-dozen different ways, staying hydrated has never been so stylish as it is with a memobottle. A mere 3cm thick and roughly the size of a standard notebook, a memobottle fits into a crowded handbag or backpack with Tetris-like precision, making it easier to keep your water bottle close to hand wherever you go. Plus, it's beautiful – the way water moves inside a memobottle is positively mesmerising, so checking how much you have left in your drink bottle is almost a mindfulness experience. 

Check out memobottle's A5 Drink Bottle



Robert Oster Signature Ink

Robert Oster's Blue Night Fountain Pen Ink

Robert Oster's 'Blue Night' fountain pen ink

Born in South Australia's Barossa Valley, Robert Oster takes ink very seriously. Every aspect of his work, from the dazzling pigments to the signature bottles, have been chosen with the utmost care to, in his words, "exceed every expectation at every opportunity".

Robert also takes great pains to care to consider the environmental impact of his inks, from the PET bottles (chosen because they're made from recycled materials, and can be readily recycled after use) to the natural and non-toxic ingredients that go into each bottle, so you can enjoy his dramatic colour without compromise.

Check out Robert Oster's Signature Fountain Pen Ink



Love Tea's French Earl Grey

Love Tea's French Earl Grey loose leaf tea

Blended with care in Geelong, Love Tea offers more than just a delicious brew. Each tea is crafted with care using organic ingredients, supporting fair trade growers and their communities. On top of all that, Love Tea works to protect our environment, committing 1% of annual revenue to conservation and protection organisations. 

Those values carry over to the brand's packaging, using 100% post-consumer recycled cardboard to box their blends, using home-compostable cello bags inside and vegetable-based inks for printing on the outside. So your loved one can enjoy a thoughtfully-blended cup of French Earl Grey with beautiful bergamot notes safe in the knowledge that it's as good for the planet as it is for their tastebuds.

Check out Love Tea's French Earl Grey



Addition Studio's Bath Brew

Addition Studio's Australian Native Bath Brew

If your loved one isn't into tea, maybe they'll enjoy a different kind of brew. Made with native white ochre & zeolite clay with kunzea and fragonia essential oils, Addition Studio's Australian Native Bath Brew draws on the elemental aspects of this continent to create a soothing, satisfying soak. Give someone special a moment to unwind, with the unique scents of Australian botanicals.

Check out Addition Studio's Bath Brew



yin's Boujad Yoga Mat 


yin's Boujad yoga mat with someone doing a tricky-looking yoga pose


Yoga is a wonderful way to rebuild a connection with your body and clear your head, but so many of the mats and activewear that go with it aren't quite as kind to the planet. Byron Bay's yin offers a gentler alternative, making their beautiful yoga mats from sustainably-sourced, natural tree rubber without need for PVC and other environmentally-destructive materials. So if your loved one is looking for a home workout option that benefits them and the world around them, look no further.

Check out yin's Boujad yoga mat



Studio Milligram's Australia Wall Map

Studio Milligram Australia Wall Map, featuring a topographical map of the continent on a rectangular canvas supported by horizontal wooden poles

What better way to celebrate this land than Studio Milligram's striking Australia Wall Map. Printed on cotton canvas, this beautiful map details the diverse natural formations of the world's smallest continent, from the sweeping deserts at its heart to the vast mountain ranges that run down the east coast. Whether as an educational feature or simply a wonderful decorative choice, the Australia Wall Map makes a fantastic gift for all ages.

Check out Studio Milligram's Australia Wall Map



Our neck of the woods has so many wonderful things to offer that we don't have the space to list them all here, so if you're still searching for that perfect present, check out all our Homegrown Favourites for even more delightful gift ideas.