Whether you're starting back at uni, kicking off a new year of work, or just love getting organised, a bullet journal is simple, flexible tool that's unique to you. And the welcoming feel of a dot grid notebook hits the perfect balance to give you the mix of space and support you need to build your dream planner.


Why use a dot grid notebook?


Any notebook can be a bullet journal if you really put your mind to it, but there's something special about the balance of freedom and structure that makes a dot grid layout perfect for planning.

An image of an open dot grid notebook with Mon Tues Wed to-do lists

Where the grid layout is all straight lines and fixed angles, the dot grid is a more gentle version of the same idea. By replacing the grid's rigid squares with subtle, lightly printed dots, the dot grid layout lets you decide what you want from your page at every step. The squares and lines that the dot grid implies can be handy for writing, or keeping you neat while you're jotting down your daily to-do lists, but you also need room for the expressive, playful moments that make bullet journals special, and that's where the other side of the dot grid shines. 

Since the dots are so small and so faint, the dot grid has as much in common with a plain page as it does with the grid layout's little boxes. When you want to add some wild slashes of colour, or some sweeping calligraphy that makes your to-do lists feel triumphant, the dot grid can just disappear, getting out of your way so that you can channel your creativity and bring your planner to life. That's the magical quality that makes dot grid so perfect for your bullet journal notebook.


Plan your way


A bustling bullet journal laid open on a desk with scissors, ruler, markers and a cup of tea

There's no one-size-fits-all bullet journal template – each one is a unique combination of creativity and organisation that reflects its owner, so how your planner looks is up to you. The simplest place to start your bullet journal is by deciding what you want to get out of it, and let that guide your design. The format is incredibly flexible, and it's just for you to use, so if you want to have a colour-coded habit tracker and a nightly gratitude section and daily to-do lists with custom icons, you should absolutely make that dream planner, and don't let anyone stop you.

Once you know what you want to achieve, it's time to pick your notebook. We've got a huge range of dot grid notebooks, so it's easy to find the perfect one for you. For a minimalist option that can handle your fountain pen collection, Midori's MD Notebook Journal fits that brief beautifully, with a simple design and creamy, luxurious Japanese paper that's easy on the eyes. For a more robust bullet journal that go wherever you do, Leuchtturm1917's Medium Hard Cover Notebook features a compact, rugged design that still gives you plenty of room to plan. Or maybe you want a portable planner that lives in your pocket – can't go past Moleskine's Classic Pocket Hard Cover Notebook. Honestly, it can be tough choosing your favourite, but that's also half the fun.


Gear up


A dot grid bullet journal notebook with washi tape, clips and brush markers spread around it

The other half of the fun is what comes next – picking all the stamps, stickers, rulers, markers and more that you'll use to make your bullet journal your own. Washi tape accents can help you to brighten your page layouts, or to make colourful tabs so you can flip through your bullet journal in an instant, while brush pens are great for expressive handwriting that draws the eye and adds some fun to your entries. 

We've got a huge range of stationery essentials that'll help you unlock your creativity and make your bullet journal a masterpiece. Take the first step towards building your bullet journal, and find the all the gear you need right here.

An open bullet journal notebook full of writing and designs, sat on a desk surrounded by markers, washi tape, scissors and more stationery 

Still got questions? We'd love to help you start your bullet journal adventure, so send us an email and our passionate staff will be able to get you going.




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