The Rolling Stones didn't expect "You Can't Always Get What You Want" to be a hit. The band first released it as the B-Side to their July 1969 single, "Honky Tonk Women", but the song quickly took on a life of its own, becoming such a fan favourite that the Stones later included it on the album Let It Bleed.

Released on the flip side of a record to the main single, B-Sides were a chance for bands to try something new, and songs like Queen's "We Will Rock You", Green Day's "Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)" and "Fool's Gold" by the Stone Roses built a cult following that made them into some of the bands' biggest hits.

That's why Traveler's Company has released the B-Sides & Rarities collection. Just like the legendary musicians that inspired the name, the brand has been putting out refills that are a little out of the ordinary over its 15 year history. This collection celebrates the left-of-field ideas that have achieved cult status over the years, giving you the chance to grab a part of history. There are lots of buried treasures to explore, but here are some of the greatest hits.


Should've been a hit

A multi-pocket pencil case inside your Traveler's Notebook is such a brilliant idea that it's hard to imagine why the Cotton Zipper Case isn't a part of the regular range. With neat spaces that'd be perfect for your travel docs, local currency and other on-the-go essentials, you'll want to grab your case before they're gone again.

Traveler's Company Cotton Zipper Case in Blue


Something to write home about

Though we can't travel too far right now, there will come a day when we can go on an overseas jaunt, and just imagine how sweet it will be to sit in a streetfront cafe somewhere a long plane flight away from your house, break out your Traveler's Notebook, and write a letter to your loved ones. The Letter Pad Refill is really an investment in your future, and making that dream come true some day soon.

Traveler's Company Letter Pad Refill (Large)


The niche pick

Washable Paper is hard-wearing stuff, made of the same material as the washing instructions tag on your shirt, and won't disintegrate if it gets rained on like most other paper will. Find yourself writing underwater often? Or are you the kind of person who gets pushed into pools on a regular basis? Maybe you like to go pearl-diving and write down your memories before you have the chance to forget – who knows. If you've got important notes that you wouldn't want to get washed away in a laundry mishap, this is the refill for you.

An inside-view of the Traveler's Notebook Washable Paper Refill that shows how various pens and inks hold up after being washed


A crowd-pleaser

When you're on the road, every bit of weight counts, so being able to pack in more pages per gram is a big plus. The Super Lightweight Paper Refill gives you extra room to jot down the important moments from your adventure before the memories fade, without bulking out your bag. It's not the place to use your messiest fountain pen, but a ballpoint is a better companion for quickly-scribbled notes anyway.

Check out how thin the Traveler's Notebook Super Lightweight Paper is


More to explore

B-Sides and Rarities releases are a great way to get to know another side of your favourite muso, and the Traveler's Company collection gives you that same opportunity with a cult-favourite stationery brand. There are more for you to dig into, but be quick! This collection is already selling fast, and who knows when you'll get the chance to grab these refills again?

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