Whether you're making Valentine's Day plans, celebrating an anniversary, or just celebrating that special someone, a romantic gift is a thoughtful way to share your feelings that's as unique as your relationship. Thinking about how you and your partner like to communicate love can help you discover something that's meaningful to both of you, and bring you closer together, so we've called on the 5 Love Languages to find the perfect way spoil the most important person in your life.


Words of Affirmation

If your loved one lights up when you say those three little words, Words of Affirmation might be one of their Love Languages. For this type of person, the best way to show them how you feel is to use your words, whether that's through texts, cute notes, or just saying it as often as possible.

A perfectly-chosen card can help you find the words to share your true feelings, and make your loved one swoon. Adding a heartfelt hand-written message makes it even more magical, turning the card into a treasure that your partner can look back on for years and still feel loved.

We've got a huge range of romantic cards so you can tell that special someone exactly why you love them, from the disco fun of Hello!Lucky's You're Llamazing to the tender Love Grows from Rifle Paper Co.  to the elegantly simple I Love You card from Katie Leamon. But we can't go past 1973's What 'I Love You' Feels Like, which features a beautiful Braille cover that spells out the words "I love you" for a charming card unlike any other.

A white rectangular greeting card with the words "What 'I Love You' Feels Like" written on the front in a loose black font

Physical Touch

For the lover who's always singing "Touch Me" by the Doors, physical contact is an important way to help them feel the love (literally). Holding hands, cuddling, a stolen kiss – these are the things that get hearts fluttering for the Physical Touch folks, so intimate experiences will go a long way with them.

Leif's Kakadu Plum Hand Balm, a deep amber-brown liquid in a curvy container with a black pump lid. On the front, a green circle with white writing that says Leif

A simple, sensual option would be to grab some of Leif's Hand Balm (the Kakadu Plum is our fave) and give your loved one a gentle hand massage, taking the time to work it into their skin slowly and with great care. Dim the lights and pop on some warm, relaxing music to complete the vibe. Or for some serious physical intimacy, get them the Body Double LOVE set and share a shower or a bath, washing each other with the Body Cleanser and following it up with the Body Lotion after you've dried off. That little bit of time and tenderness will mean an enormous amount to the Physical Touch type.


Quality Time

Like the Physical Touch folks, it helps to think about gifts more like experiences for those with Quality Time as their love language. The best way to spoil Quality Time folks is to make space for you to hang out one-on-one, and really engage with each other. Depending on the person, that might mean a deep, uninterrupted conversation, or being able to enjoy a movie together and chat about it afterwards. Focus matters, so be sure to pop your phone down and really pay attention to each other.

Playing a game or doing a puzzle together helps take the pressure off, so your conversation can flow naturally, or you might find yourselves enjoying a comfortable silence with your partner. Featuring some of the world's most unforgettable destinations, Rifle Paper Co.'s Maps puzzle might get you talking about the places you'd love to visit, or try Hey Lady! from Journey of Something to spark a discussion about the women you most admire. 

Rifle Paper Co. Maps Jigsaw Puzzle featuring a 12-square grid of world-famous cities like Venice, Toyko and Cairo in Rifle signature style

If you'd like to get your conversation into more meaningful territory, The School of Life has some games specifically designed to help you share some deeper aspects with your partner. The Connect Game mixes some playful questions with more thought-provoking ones to help you strengthen your relationship, while the Confessions Game is a cheeky way to reveal the things that really matter to you. It can make you quite vulnerable in ways you might not expect, tackling powerful feelings like envy and confidence, but that vulnerability helps you build an even stronger connection to your partner.

The open box for The School of Life's Connect Game, with the rectangular red lid sat beside the open box which holds a stack of white cards and a large white die.

But Quality Time can also mean quiet – maybe just curled up on the couch together reading, or listening to a record you both love. Help carve out that low-key time enjoying each other's company by filling the room with an atmospheric aroma with Studio Milligram's Scented Candle, or set up Kinto's Aroma Oil Warmer with a few drops of your favourite essential oil and commit to just being close to each other until the water runs dry. It's a simple way to prioritise one another in a world where that can be tough time to find.


Kinto's Aroma Oil Warmer in Black sat on a wooden bookshelf next to an SLR camera, with plant life draped nearby


Acts of Service

They say actions speak louder than words, and that's extra true for people whose love language is Acts of Service. Making their day a little easier, or taking care of them in a way that makes them feel special, is a direct line to your partner's heart. 

Starting their day with a coffee or tea that you've made with love offers more than just a morning caffeine fix – it's a simple, thoughtful way to show that you're thinking of their needs, and helping them make the most of their day. There's a unique thoughtfulness to the slow, ritual process of making a pourover coffee, with the time and care involved in its preparation evident in every sip. We love Kinto's Brass Brewer Stand Set, with its elegant design that leaves plenty of time for loving reflection as the coffee brews. 


Kinto's Slow Coffee Style Brass Brewer Set sat on a bench, brewing a batch of dark, rich coffee


If coffee isn't your loved one's style, a satisfying cup of tea is another beautiful way to show them some love. Like with the pourover coffee, the contemplative nature of brewing a pot of tea helps you show that you're thinking of your partner, and give them a delightful sensory experience that gets their day off on the right foot. Whether they like a bracing English Breakfast in the morning, or prefer the gentle uplift of a Chunmee Green TeaLove Tea's range of finely-crafted organic teas have the perfect blend to make your loved one feel truly special. Pair it with a Kinto teapot so they can watch the leaves swirl in the water for the complete sensory experience.


A cup of tea sat on top of a book, with ginger and lemon beside it and a Kinto Carat teapot in front


Preparing a thoughtful meal is a double-win for an Acts of Service partner, saving them the effort of making their own food and giving you the chance to lavish some love on them with a carefully-chosen dinner. Rachel Khoo's The Little Swedish Kitchen is full of humble, satisfying recipes that tap into Sweden's under-appreciated food culture to deliver hearty and surprising treats that you can use to show that special someone how much they mean to you.

Rachel Khoo's recipe book The Little Swedish Kitchen

If the way to your partner's heart isn't through their stomach, helping their day flow more smoothly can be another, equally powerful way to share the love with an Acts of Service partner. Help them avoid the pre-work stress by using Bellroy's portable carry-all Standing Pouch Plus or a stylish briefcase to store all their office essentials, or brighten their desk with the delightful florals and comprehensive stationery kit of Rifle Paper Co.'s Tackle Box Desk Set, and they'll appreciate the subtle way you've made each day a little smoother.

Rifle Paper Co. Tackle Box Set (a rectangular tray with compartments for notepads, pencils, clips and more)


Spoiling a partner whose love language is Gifts may seem simple, but choosing the perfect present requires time and care. A thoughtful gift is worth so much more, and has a lasting effect that endures long after they receive it. 

A good place to start is imagining what they might buy for themselves, and taking it a step or two further to really spoil them. If they've got a sweet tooth, for example, skip the supermarket chocolate and treat them to something ethically delicious from Hey Tiger, or grab a handwriting devotee a truly remarkable pen like Kaweco's Classic Fountain Pen in their favourite colour to show that you understand their taste. 

Kaweco Classic Fountain Pen in a deep Green finish with gold-plated nib

Whatever you choose and whichever love language means the most to your partner, make sure your gift us specific and personal to them so they really feel the love. And don't forget: love is a verb, so do it every day (not just on special occasions).