We worked hard to bring you fresh and exciting finds last year, introducing you to more than 10 new brands and literally hundreds of new products. And we love everything in our range, so we had a tough time choosing a favourite! But after much debate, here's our pick for 2020's Best New Brand as chosen by the Milligram team.




Write To Me

Write To Me's "Raising You" journal in navy blue

We were instantly smitten with the thoughtful layouts and beautifully-textured linen covers of Write to Me's range of journals. In a year where we came to appreciate our connection to others in a whole new way, the prospect of leaving something to share with future generations felt especially meaningful, and Write To Me gave us a simple, stylish way to do it.


Love Tea

Love Tea Chamomile Loose Tea package (a grey rectangular box with white text and a chamomile flower on the front)

Appreciating simple pleasures was another hallmark of 2020, with many of us taking comfort in the slow, contemplative value of a nice cuppa. Love Tea's beautiful blends brought a welcome warmth to life in lockdown, where we could take the time to appreciate their subtle flavours and restorative properties.


Carolyn Suzuki

Carolyn Suzuki's "Hello Baby" card, which features child-like drawings of clouds, leaves, flowers

Charming and bright, Carolyn Suzuki's designs have a playful quality that captures a childlike innocence that we found irresistible. We also love the spectrum of people she represents in her work, reflecting Carolyn's commitment to human rights, female empowerment and many other causes near and dear to our hearts.


Journey of Something

Journey of Something's "My Grandmother's Country II" puzzle

We teamed up with fellow Melburnians Journey of Something at the beginning of March, which turned out to be incredible timing since our city would go into lockdown later that same month. With so many of us stuck at home, we turned to puzzles en masse, and rediscovered the simple joy of a quiet afternoon at home assembling a delightful design. And Journey of Something's images are some of the most delightful you'll find, from the charm of the best-selling Indigenous art of My Grandmother's Country II to the irreverent design of  Edition K to the empowering Hey Lady!.



A Happy Birthday card from 1973, featuring a cartoon sausage dog being lifted by a bunch of balloons

Like Carolyn Suzuki, the arrival of 1973 brought a fresh new feel to our greeting cards and wrap. With a stable of designers in the mix, 1973's letterpressed cards are by turns tender, vibrant and refreshingly simple, which made it easier to send some love to the special people in our life when we had to stay apart to stay safe.



A yin yoga mat in the Watl print, which features plantlike white forms on black background

Another lockdown lifesaver, yoga helped us stay limber and feel at least a little bit fit when we were stuck at home for so long. yin's yoga mats offered an elegant and sustainable addition to our at-home practice that helped us carve out the time to take care of our bodies when we needed it most.




Leif's Buddha Wood hand wash

Triumphing over Write to Me and Journey of Something by the slimmest of margins, we couldn't go past Leif's intoxicating Australian botanicals and indulgent feel. In a year when we all suddenly became connoisseurs of hand sanitiser, Leif's Eucalyptus fragrance and fresh feel put it at the top of the pile.

And with all that extra hand-washing, we were extra appreciative of their gentle Buddha Wood Hand Wash and the soothing power of the matching Hand Balm, which kept our skin feeling soft and supple.


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