It's no secret that we love a Limited Edition. A chance for our beautiful brands to try something new, these special releases show off what's important to each of our brands, and bring an invigorating dose of colour to brighten our day. Choosing from such a dizzying array of designs wasn't easy, but one release felt especially meaningful to us in 2020.




LAMY safari candy special edition

LAMY safari candy special edition fountain pens in Violet, Mango and Aquamarine stood on a yellow background with confetti

Every Safari special edition is a delight, but the vibrant colours of the candy series were exactly what we needed in 2020. Bright and summery, the powdered texture and matching colour from grip to clip made this special edition extra special, and one of LAMY's best to date.

The candy special edition is all gone now, but we've got more exciting Safari releases coming in 2021, so keep an eye for new arrivals coming soon!


Field Notes Group Eleven

Field Notes Group Eleven notebooks, featuring white covers with the Field Notes logo in silver and copper

The absolute love that Field Notes put into each notebook is never more clear than in their surprising, delightful and lovingly-crafted Limited Editions. Each seasonal release offers a notebook unlike any other, from their gorgeous National Parks series to the 99,999 unique designs of their 2021 release Snowy Evening.

The metallic majesty of the Group Eleven notebooks was hard to go past, though, celebrating the part of the periodic table that includes gold, silver and copper with matched cover stamping and coloured staples. These notebooks are so gorgeous that we don't even mind that the fourth of the group eleven elements, roentgenium-281, didn't get a look in, since it's rarely synthesised and decays via spontaneous fission in about 26 seconds.


 Moleskine Frida Kahlo Limited Edition Notebooks

The three Moleskine Frida Kahlo notebooks, with pink, green and blue covers featuring Frida-style floral designs

A feminist hero, a revolutionary thinker and an artist like no other – Frida Kahlo's legacy is huge and complex, and Moleskine's tribute reflects the many ways that Frida's influence is still felt today. Marrying cover designs inspired by her art with quotes that encapsulate her radical attitude to life, Moleskine's Frida Kahlo Limited Edition Notebooks captures the many facets of an iconic figure whose cultural impact is still being felt decades later.




Blackwing Volume XIX

 Blackwing's Volume XIX pencils with a purple finish and erasers laid on top of a matching purple notebook next to a black pennant flag with text reading Votes For Women

Like Field Notes, Blackwing's quarterly Volumes releases give their iconic pencils a unique twist. Celebrating cultural and creative legends like musician Ravi Shankar, investigative journalist Nellie Bly and groundbreaking filmmaker Georges Méliès, the pencil at the heart of each Volumes release is tailored to its subject, so each pencil is not only stunning, but tells a story.

For the Volume XIX release, Blackwing chose to tell a very timely story that would only become more relevant as 2020 went on. Named in honour of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution, this Volumes release celebrated an important step towards voter equality even as it highlighted the flaws like gerrymandering and voter suppression that are very much still at play in the American electoral process. Landing ahead of November's Presidential election, we picked Blackwing's Volume XIX as 2020's Best Limited Edition not just for its beautiful design, but for the eerily prescient message at the heart of this release.

Volume XIX is now gone, but Volume 6 picks up where it left off, advocating for and supporting the small businesses hardest hit by COVID with a dazzling neon colour scheme that you simply can't ignore.