Many of us want to journal and practice daily journalling. There are so many benefits to journalling — from helping you focus to helping you be a better writer. Sometimes, however, the challenge can be 'what to journal'? Journalling can be much more than keeping a diary. It can be the practice of writing daily, about any thoughts and ideas, just so that you're writing and expressing yourself.

We've put together 15 ideas for daily journalling that you can turn to if you're feeling 'stuck' about what to write today... and tomorrow... and the next day! Perfect timing with InCoWriMo (International Correspondence Writing Month) now underway!

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15 ideas for journalling — try one each day to get you started

1. Explore a dream — what is something you think you'd really like to do? Write about the pros, cons, inspiration, thoughts — anything that comes to mind about this dream to help you truly consider it... and potentially help bring it to reality.

2. Describe a challenge — is there something you're currently struggling with? Write it down, consider why it has been a challenge, potential ways to overcome or simply manage it.

3. Create a list of of your favourite books — and why you enjoyed them. Or try writing it as a review. It's a useful writing challenge to have to expand on WHY you enjoyed something not just what is was about.

4. Five things you... love to wear, want in a partner, want to try in the next year, places you really want to visit.

5. Set your goals — Perhaps these are life goals, money goals, writing goals, travel goals... But try some goals on some different journalling days because anything you write down is already more likely to happen! Kate spade journal limoncello   Kate Spade Journal Limoncello

6. Create a table of contents — for the book you could write. You know you've got one in you somewhere!

7. Create a gratitude list — write down everything you have to be grateful for — and why you're grateful.

8. Weird or memorable dreams from last night — quick, before they slip away, write down what you just dreamed about. Dreams are often so slippery, they're hard to write about — making them the perfect writing challenge.

9. Try a writing sprint for 10 minutes — real 'stream of consciousness' writing. Capture all the thoughts in your head, even if it's just that you're writing about writing. The words often truly begin to flow...

10. Articulate a ritual — you'd like to indulge in. Perhaps one for relaxing, perhaps one for beauty or one for how you'd spend a lazy day off. the-school-of-life-writing-as-therapy   The School of Life Writing as Therapy Night Thoughts Journal

11. Describe your favourite character — from a movie, book or TV show. Not just how they look, but the sort of person they are, their demons, their good features. Write about them as if they're a real person.

12. Create a list — of ways you can look after yourself better. Consider physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

13. Outline a dream vacation — one that you're considering taking, or may be a long way off. Describe the where, the why and what you would look forward to experiencing.

14. Discuss your first love — what was it like being in love? What was it about the person that made you love them? Perhaps even why they were only suited to a 'first' not an 'endless' love.

15. Write about your high's and low's — of the past week, month or year. It's a great opportunity for reflection and might prove both cathartic and congratulatory!

Your journalling ideas?

If you journal, do you have any other ideas to add to this list? Please add to the comments below!   Sakura Moleskine JournalMoleskine Limited Edition Sakura Large Notebook

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