There are common issues facing many of us when it come to our handwriting, such as legibility, consistency or that we just don't like the way it looks when we write. If you’d like to improve your handwriting, it’s going to take two things: practice and the right tools. We’ve researched ten pens that could be the right tool to help you.

The practice part — well, that’s over to you!

Tools to improve your handwriting

Pens to improve illegible writing

Pilot Metropolitan

Fountain pens help slow you down when writing and this is an affordable and attractive entry level pen.

Uniball Fineliner

This pen delivers fine, clean lines, which helps distinguish your pen strokes.

Palomino Blackwing 602

OK, it's not a pen – but this pencil writes beautifully and you can erase any illegible words.

Tools to improve your handwritingPens to improve uninspired script

LAMY Safari

Originally designed for young writers' the Safari features a grip designed to keep your pen hold steady. Add an italic nib and you'll add instant flourish to your words.

Fisher Space Bullet Pen

Pens designed to write anywhere – upside down, underwater and even in space!

Craft Design Technology Brush Pen

When you want to make a short, sharpe, impressive written statement, this brush pen will help you shine.

Tools to improve your handwriting

Pens to improve inconsistent writing


The triangle body ensures a solid grip and delivers on affordable style

Uniball Jetstream

Featuring a rubber grip, fast-drying ink and smooth stream writing. An everyday pen that's a pleasure to use.

Tombow Airpress

With its matte rubberised barrel, this compact pen is stable and comfortable to grip – plus it can write upside down or on wet paper!

Kaweco Al Sport

Compact, comfortable and nicely weighted, with nibs famous for their consistency.

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