Worther Mechanical Pencil - Shorty 3.15mm

SKU: ac9b01

From Worther, the Shorty Mechanical Pencil is scratch resistant smooth ABS plastic which is both elegant and practical. 

With a 3.15mm lead, the Shorty features ergonomic hexagonal design and balanced weight, making it great for long writing and/or sketching sessions. It comes with 2 soft 7B graphite leads which automatically wear to a conical shape and thus a neat writing point. The soft high-quality leads can write on almost any surface including wood, metal, paper, plastic, glass (with red lead) and X-rays (with white lead).

It can also be turned into a ballpoint pen with a Worther Ballpoint Pen Refill 

The Shorty is a truly beautiful mechanical pencil which, due to its design and construction, has an abundance of uses - drawing, writing, sketching, shading or marking.

SIZE: 10.5cm length (15mm barrel width)
LEAD: 2 7B (soft) Graphite Leads
POINT: 3.15mm width (lead)
REFILLS: Available in Grey / Blue / Pink / Green / Orange / Yellow / Red / White (pack of 4 leads)
MATERIALS: Plastic body / Graphite Lead
SOURCE: Hand made in Germany
ADDITIONAL: Can be turned into a pen with a Worther Ballpoint Pen Refill

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