Why Does Everyone Love Moleskine? It’s The Beyoncé Of Notebooks!

It’s kinda funny that a brand like Moleskine has grown phenomenally alongside the onset of the digital age. It launched in 1997, just as the tech boom was gaining pace. And thirty years later Moleskine is going strong, with a legion of devoted fans worldwide.

Surely a product that relies on old fashioned pen and paper could be consigned to history’s dustbin by now?

On the contrary, Moleskine is booming. Its Facebook page has nearly half a million fans. There are thousands more Facegroup books for Moleskine enthusiasts, and a further 157,000 followers on Instagram. YouTube has more than 80,000 videos from fans dedicated to the product range. And it’s the notebook of choice for the bullet journal craze.

Here at Milligram, Moleskine is one of our most loved, best selling brands.

Moleskine classic black notebook

So, why do people adore Moleskine so much?

Some love the quality, others love the simplicity. Others are smitten with the possibility of it leading to a newer, better, more successful version of themselves. It’s like a less pushy Tony Robbins, its fresh unmarked pages representing a whole new life you can start today. Oooh, the possibilities that await…

But we jest (only a little).

The quality of the Moleskine range is fabulous. The paper thickness ensures your ink won’t bleed through to the page underneath. The flexible soft covers make it lightweight and flexible while the hardcovers are strong and sturdy — take your pick. Many users love the creaminess of the paper too, because it’s less stark than the usual white notebook paper.

The practicality of the elastic binding and ribbon bookmark are wonderous to us stationery nerds. Even non-nerds appreciate the binding that prevents it becoming too dog-eared and the bookmark to keep your place. The pocket at the rear is perfect for holding receipts and other notes. It’s just…. they think of everything, don’t they?

So why is Moleskine is like Beyoncé?

Whatever she does, her millions of fans will adore. Moleskine is the same. It’s iconic.

What’s in the Moleskine range?

Of course, the ubiquitous notebooks come in a variety of print layouts, sizes and cover formats. A sturdy, hard cover is profesh and good for work. Students may prefer a lighter, more flexible soft cover. The key to success with your Moleskine is to find the right style and combination of notebooks that work for you.

Not sure which Moleskine notebook is for you?

Check out our guide to the Moleskine sizes or this Moleskine comparison article on the blog. Not gonna read a whole other article? Here’s a quicker summary:

Moleskine classic hard cover, perfect for… everything!

- Moleskine classic soft cover, perfect for… everything too, just lighter and bendier

- Moleskine Reporter notebook, perfect for journalists, freelancers, anyone who takes notes on the go

- Moleskine Cahier notebook, a slim cut notebook, with 16 detachable pages is great for segmenting notebooks into categories (work, family, side hustle) anyone busy (that’s everyone, right?)

- Moleskine volants, slimline Moleskines in packs of two, with divine textured covers, thread-bound stitching pages and detachable pages

- Moleskine Voyageur notebook, the ideal travel journal with a pocket for travel documents, printable custom pages, stickers and “I am here” cover wrap for Insta-worthy photos  

- Moleskine limited edition notebooks — oh, how we love them. Star Wars, Sakura, Maneki Neko, Disney princesses, Rolling Stones, Barbie, Monopoloy, Transformers, Pokemon... there’s an ever rotating range of options that come and go with the seasons.

- Moleskine diaries, a planner with all you need to have your best year ever

Moleskine notebooks

The Moleskine range does not stop there, friends. No, no, no indeed.

The cutely coloured pens are designed to perfectly attach to your notebook. Plus there’s a lovely range of pencils, including traditional and mechanical varieties, both of which give you that satisfying scratchy pencil feeling when you write with them — you know that feeling, right? The drawing pencils make sketching a breeze, the only limits are your talent, which is limitless, you know…

There’s also a fab selection of bags, including backpacks, briefcases, wallets and bags, many in genuine leather and featuring the classic simple and understated Moleskine design. There’s also a great range of phone cases and nitfy things like this storage box and this USB booklight.

Moleskine the brand. Iconic as.

Moleskine the brand that we know launched in 1997 but its history goes further back in time. Artists and thinkers like Van Gogh, Picasso and Hemingway used similar versions of this notebook. Like many before him, novelist Bruce Chatwin was a fan of the simple black rectangle notebook with rounded corners and elastic page-holder. It was Bruce who named them Moleskine.

In the mid-1980s the manufacturer based in Tours, France went out of business. Bruce Chatwin bought all the books he could get.

In 1997 a small Milanese publisher revived the brand, seeing an opportunity to offer a better quality notebook to a discerning buyer. Since then the range of products has expanded but the core principle of quality craftsmanship and simple yet innovative design remains.

Say Moleskine how you want to!

There is actually no official pronunciation of the name “Moleskine”!
Some people like to accent the “e”, some prefer accenting the “i”, but truth is you can say the name however you like.
Here is a short video featuring dozens of ways you can call the brand.

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