Uniball - Signo 'Noble Metal' Gel Rollerball Pen - 0.8mm - 8 Piece Set


The ink flow in the Signo Rollerball Pen is super-smooth and a pleasure to write (or draw or doodle) with. Loved by artists and crafters, the Signo Rollerball Pen is known for its consistent and smooth writing ability. This handy pack of 8 pens all have a tip of 0.8mm in a variety of colours with metallic hues - blue, green, violet, pink, red, gold, silver & bronze.

They feature Uniball's super ink, which is acid-free, waterproof and fade proof!

Uniball makes brilliant everyday pens. Their advanced technology and extensive research and development mean it rivals many luxury brands of pen for writing performance. But its affordability makes the writing implements an everyday writing pleasure. The pens are produced by one of Japan's leading stationery manufacturers, the Mitsubishi Pencil Company, which has been in operation for over a century.

QUANTITY: 1 set x 8 rollerball pens
TIP: 0.8mm
COLOUR: Blue, green, violet, pink, red, gold, silver & bronze
INK TYPE: Acid-free, waterproof gel ink
LENGTH: 13cm
MATERIAL: Plastic (PC), rubber grip
SOURCE: Designed and made in Japan

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