Uniball - Power Tank Eco Ballpoint Pen


The Uniball Uni Power Tank is the heavy duty ball point pen. It writes clearly in any position, on almost any surface and has a retractable (and refill-able!) stainless steel 1mm tip.

Best of all, the Power Tank Eco is made with 55% post-consumer materials, making it the most environmentally friendly pen around! The grip is made with recycled sawdust and resin and has a nostalgic scent of pencil shavings which needs to be smelled to be believed and the body of the pen is made from recycled PC.

This retractable ball point pen can write upside down, in extreme cold and even on wet paper using Uni Super Ink (in black) with refills available.

INK: Ball Point, Black, Uni Super Ink

TIP: 1mm Stainless Steel

GRIP: Post Consumer Material Sawdust & Resin

FEATURES: Made with 55% Post Consumer Materials, Writes upside down and on wet paper

SOURCE: Made in Japan

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