Uniball Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil

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SKU: M5450T

The Uniball Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil is a pretty special mechanical pencil for everyday use. It has a 0.5mm HB Lead and a conventional graduated propelling mechanism, with metal casing at the point of the pencil to ensure its integrity when run alongside a ruler or firm edge.

It also has a unique revolving action that keeps your lead sharp and which ensures maximum integrity of the graphite core while you write. A conventional mechanical pencil will only write on one side of the lead which compromises the lead's strength and increases the likelihood of the lead breaking.

The Kuru Toga, however, has a revolving mechanism inside the barrel (with 3 gears!) that rotates the lead as you write. This means you are always writing with a conical piece of graphite that affords you a sharp, precise point. It also reduces the likelihood of the lead's strength being compromised and therefore, reduces the likelihood of your graphite lead breaking prematurely.

There is an eraser under the cap (however, there are no eraser refills), a clip and barrel of plastic and subtle moulded grip section.

LEAD: 0.5mm HB Lead
LEAD REFILLS: Extremely Easy and Great Value 0.5mm Graphite Lead.
FEATURES: Rotating Action Ensures a High Integrity Conical Point! / Eraser Under the Cap
SOURCE: Made in China for Uniball (Japan)

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